CrossFit Sudbury – 29042016

Hey Friends!

And just like that, more squats are in the books.  Great work guys – Maximum effort!

I don’t have a whole lot to say as it’s getting late and I’m going to be back in the gym in about 9 hours!  See ya then! 🙂

CrossFit Sudbury – 28042016

Hey Friends!

That was an awesome workout.  Glutes were on fire from the row, and I found for most of the people I watched do it, that their snatch form improved after each row and as the weights went up.  Crazy what happens when you get out of your own head during the lifts eh?

Back Squats!  The 8’s (from Monday) were tough, but not as tough as I expected!  Hopefully this whole “training” thing works 😉

CrossFit Sudbury – 27042016

Hey Friends!

Hump DAYYYYY!  This week is like the sunday of weeks.  It’s kinda cold, but the sun is teasing us with the beautiful weather to come… be patient friends… the glorious tans and sweaty running WODs are coming.

Good times!  If you haven’t gotten on Train Heroic yet – get in there and start logging your workouts!

CrossFit Sudbury – 25042016

Hey Friends!

Good WOD?  Looked like a lot of “arms”, but mostly it looked like a lot of KB swings… which was the point 😉 Sneaky accessory work.

More reps in the squats this week at a slightly, “lighter” weight.  These are going to make you sore, and they’ll hopefully be making you much stronger.  Think about the beauty gains on “easier” stuff like wall balls, thrusters, air squats, etc.

Tomorrow – The WOD is meant to be a sprint, similar to a 400m run.  Stay tight on the Clean & Jerks, and respect the box jump (AKA don’t tear up your shins!) and transition quickly between movements.

CrossFit Sudbury – 25042016

Hey Friends!

Good times training this weekend – Some snappy snatches, clapping push ups, wall balls on wall balls, etc. etc.  Super exciting having the back doors open, shooting hoops, running, and generally just spilling outside.

Thanks again for the feedback on that form – we’re going to be sorting things out and hopefully improving the gym even more over the coming months.

You likely saw an “announcement” on the whiteboard about the climbing ropes being “retired”.  They’ve just been making such a mess when they’re used it’s difficult to keep up with, and at this point, they’re so frayed they don’t look all that safe.  So, sorry about the inconvenience!  BUT, we’ve ordered new, nylon ropes, which shouldn’t fray (especially since we won’t be storing them overtop of the rig, we’ll have designated hooks to pull them off to the side of the room).  They will be a little more “slippery” though, as the manila is pretty good at holding chalk and not getting slick with sweaty hands.  SO make sure you’re perfecting your technique before you go crazy on them.  We also picked up some new sandbag filler bags (so that hopefully you’ll stop getting sand in your face when you use the sandbags!)  They won’t be as noticeable, but will be hugely helpful for implementing them in our training.

CrossFit Sudbury – 22042016

Hey Friends!

Good work on the WOD today.  Muscle up practice is for everyone you know.  And it can be as simple as working towards a strict pull up and ring dip, or working on stringing a couple muscle ups together, trying the transition out sitting on the ground with a leg assist, using a band, or all sorts of other fun stuff.  Let your coach know where you think you’re at, and we’ll have a look and get you set up with something appropriate 🙂

Heavy squats!  sets of 4, should be challenging, but it’s less than last time and we know you can do it.  Remember, your 80% now is more like 78% (because you’re stronger from squatting over the last couple weeks).  Double touches (pull up plus toes to bar), is something they do in grid league, though we’re going to require you do a pull up, then a toes to bar, versus the crazy movement they do in grid (google/youtube it, it’s kinda cool) to help build up a rhythm on the bar, as well as to develop sneaky rope climb muscles.

CrossFit Sudbury – 21042016

Hey Friends!

Very nice to re-do a workout!  Speaking with folks, no one thought it’d been a year since we did this workout, but that’s when I looked it up as, pretty crazy, right?  Superfun, and glad I jumped in on the WOD this morning with Marc.  Felt pretty good all day now!

You should remember the next WOD as well as we did it on the 21st of April LAST year.  I’m pretty sure Collin and I did this workout at the same time, or at least spoke about it shortly afterwards, and it’s a bit more challenging than it appears.

You need to let the wall ball drop after each 5 reps, then med ball clean it back up to continue with your next 5.

CrossFit Sudbury – 20042016

Hey Friends!

Killer lady WOD – I’m sad to say I didn’t participate today (as an athlete).  My glutes are feeling the squats and lunges from the other day, and there are more squats to be done this week (Friday).  We DO have some beauty WODs coming your way, as well as some sunny days!

Congrats to Maryse and Chad on their new baby!  it’s on the facebook – check it out 🙂

CrossFit Sudbury – 19042016

Hey Friends!

Wow that was a spicy workout.  I need to start doing burpees faster.  That and sleeping more than 3 hours at a time might help.  Dear members with children… I’m starting to understand now… BUT, it is amazing how much better I feel after having worked out – clearer mind, satisfied with my accomplishments, more patient, etc. etc. It’s worth the 60-90 minutes spent away from my favourites.

If you’ve been following the CrossFit games athletes/open/games/etc, make sure you check out the “behind the scenes” videos.  It’s always nice to see a slightly more honest/raw view of the athletes.

Thanks for all the feedback through that form I posted!  Seems the overwhelming desire is for more weekend hours.  We’ll be talking it over with our coaches over the coming weeks and getting something put together.  I’ll also be thinking about setting aside time for those who want to train CrossFit even more competitively and some specialized programming for it.  Stay tuned, and also let your coach know if this is something that interests you!  We’d need a certain amount of interest for it to warrant the time and resources it’d need.  I’ll also leave you with a quote from Tommy Hackenbruck,

You don’t need harder workouts, you need to go harder in your workouts.

CrossFit Sudbury – 18042016

Hey Friends!

Weekend fun!  Ridiculously gorgeous weather, some running in the WOD, all sorts of fun!  I even bbq’d up some steaks for dinner (sorry for not inviting you).  Hope you guys all enjoyed the weekend and the warmer weather.  The doors are opening up at the gym and it is glorious!

I didn’t make it in on Friday for the squats, but I made it yesterday and did them.  James can vouch for me.  He was cleaning the hell out of the floors (as opposed to his usual; cleaning the hell out of the barbells), so you can burpee now, worry-free!  You could eat off those floors 😉

I’m going to insert a feedback form on here as I haven’t reached out to everyone in a while, and it’s always good to know what you guys are thinking. So, if you’d like, fill in the form below and let me know how things are going, what we’re doing great at, where we can improve, etc. etc.  Thanks!

*Make note – the WOD showing is Sundays until 8pm tonight, then it’ll be tomorrows (Mondays)