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Post-Christmas info update

Hey Friends!

Merry Christmas/Happy holidays and all the most fun times!  The gym has been nice and busy over the holidays and you folks are all giving your all – which is awesome.  I hope you’re all enjoying a nice little reset from work to energize yourselves, spend a little down time with a book/movie/friend/whatever helps you wind down.  If none of the above have happened yet, get after it – you need to be attacking your recovery just as hard as your training.

Cool stuff worth mentioning:

  • Lulu Lemon is coming out again (as Eric described so cleverly, in case you need to spend more money, haha) on January 2nd from 10am-5pm.  Stop on by!
  • Alicia’s going to Australia to become a lawyer super secret WOD and then food.  Check the whiteboard to see the times and throw your name on there if you’re coming so we can get some decent reservations or something set up.
  • Hours are normal until Thursday (New Years Eve) – where they’re 9am-12noon, and then we’re closed New Years Day and back to normal from there forward.
  • Weightlifting clinic with Coach James on the 12th (of January) for ~90 Minutes – for Free… who knows you may find you really enjoy it and want to partake in the….
  • New cycle for the weightlifting club starts on the 19th (of January) same times as last cycle (Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8pm, Sunday 12pm)
  • Whole Life Challenge – community and accountability in an effort to take on some healthier lifestyle habits!  Food, hydration, mobility, exercise, supplement(s), mindfulness, sleep, etc. all play a part in your quality of life – kickstart your efforts with the whole life challenge!
  • CrossFit Kids – Elementary is starting up again on Monday nights (6pm) and/or Sunday (9am).  It’s an either/or versus the kids coming to both.  Let Mandie know if you haven’t signed up but are interested!
  • I think I’m going to try to find a way to get back into blogging every day on here again instead of just having the WOD on that plug-in thingy.  It just seemed a little more personal.  I do want to figure out a way to do it that won’t eat all my time up though 🙂
  • We’re going to make a new T-shirt order soon!  Let me know if you have any mind-blasting ideas for it!

Front Squat cycle is ending soon (we’re on 10 of 15 sessions) and the Squat Clean cycle is about to start up.  It’s going to be awesome!  Make sure you start working on that front rack position now or you’re going to have sort wrists (and terrible form) through 15 sessions of squat cleans :S  Ask a coach and make the effort to fix your form, using wrist wraps and saying, “oh yeah, my wrists/shoulders don’t do that” is like saying you’re too busy driving to pull over for gas, or putting electrical tape over the “check engine” light.  It might be a work-around for your immediate problem, but you’ll be in trouble later.

As always, Stay Healthy Friends!