Eat Well

Learn some simple strategies to improve the way you fuel your body, and support it for what it was designed.  You should be able to eat great food AND get the results you’d like!

Move Well

Get strong.  Get flexible.  Get fast.  Get balanced.  Learn how to build a capable body that looks, feels and performs better than you’d ever imagined.

Think Well

Improve your mindset and enjoy the process of learning new skills and new levels of mental and physical fitness.  Cultivate the area outside your comfort zone in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Welcome to CrossFit Sudbury.

Welcome!  Here at CrossFit Sudbury, we are building a community of people unified in their lifelong endeavour for ever-increasing general physical preparedness. Want to run a 5k tomorrow? Can you help me move a piano? Want to try white water rafting/rock climbing/some other sport? These are all questions to which a CrossFit athlete could reply, “sure”. The goal is broad and general fitness, designed to prepare you for a long life of activity and fun.  Head over to our “Get started” page for more info about our complimentary intro!

Ready to get started?

If you’re unsure – come in for an hour with one of our professional coaches – on us!  If you know you’d like to sign up, start with our 3 session assessment!  We’ll have a great idea as to where you’re at and where to go after that!

Grow stronger
Get Faster
Eat healthy
Compete with others
Improve your health