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CrossFit Sudbury – 16022018 – Chalk up & Hook grip

Hey Folks! Friday Tomorrow! Yay 🙂 Beauty week of training and some epic PRs and fun times all around!  Loving the awesome vibes in the gym lately!  Keep it up guys – make sure you’re filling in your accomplishments on the achievement board! (Katie – is your Squat on there?) Coaches Notes: Posterior Chain speed […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 15022018 – Abierto

Hey Folks! Good times on the partner WOD today!  Thanks to Amy and Justin for being my WOD Valentines 😛 News – Sundays are going to start with a 10am class now, followed by open gym from 11-1!  Let us know what you think! Coaches Notes: Back to normal wall balls!  They should feel “easy” […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 14022018 – Off-it

Hey Folks! Pulled a little switch-a-roo on ya – We’re doing Thursdays partner WOD Wednesday for Valentines day 🙂 So pick your valentine and crush extreme together!  Thanks to everyone who filled in the feedback form so far (in your emails) – it helps to get your opinions to make sure we’re on the right […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 13022018 – Just a light dusting

Hey Folks! Well, that looked like a nice little open practice kind of WOD.  SO sad I missed it 😉 haha I will say though that all the thrusters we’ve been doing lately have made doing thrusters a lot easier. We’ve got some more beauties this week – and then the Open starts next week!  […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 12022018 – Blessup

Hey Folks! Solid weekend – right?  Pretty serious training sessions all around, and what looked to be a pretty wicked “pull up” session with Coach Sara – I get the feeling we’ll have more pull ups and higher quality pull ups coming up over the next few months 🙂 Milestones just getting crushed at the gym […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 08022018 – Jackie

Hey Folks! Whoooo Nelly that was a doozy.  Definitely one that looked a lot easier on the whiteboard than it was in real life.  For me, the front squats got so difficult, so quickly.  I saw a lot of people lift way more weight than they expected for 3 reps in the Hang Power Snatch […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 07022018 – Forearms like fire

Hey Folks! Holy moly that was very Fran-esque today.  Awesome work everybody 🙂 We have some more beauty WODs coming up too! Sara’s offering drop-in Gymnastics this Sunday – focusing on Pull ups! Weightlifting Club is starting this Saturday, from 10-12!  Come on out and get WAY better at the Snatch and Clean & Jerk! 😉  […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 06022018 – PB & J

Hey Folks! Triceps are going to be lit up!  Great work today – Lots of heavy breathing and high quality conditioning.  That pace you can maintain, but are struggling to keep up – that’s right around your lactic threshold.  There are a lot of benefits to improving your conditioning – your aerobic fitness – from […]