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CrossFit Sudbury – 22112017 – Chef Pasquale

Hey Folks! I’m pre-writing the next few posts so I won’t pretend to know how they went – except that you guys probably crushed it (you always do). Hope you guys are having fun with it lately! I’d like to try and make a more formalized “challenge” each month, but until I sort out how […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 21112017 – Powdered Toast Man!

Hey Folks! Great work today!  Apparently, it was not an easy training session.  That’s ok though, as now you’re all fitter.  If you haven’t seen the event board at the gym – make sure you take a gander every so often, there are our events on there, as well as other awesome community events.  If […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 16112017 – Goodbye my love!

Hey Folks! Great work today – it was an interesting WOD to watch, as all those seconds transitioning between movements, even when it’s only a few seconds, tend to add up over that many rounds.  Super cool seeing you guys work so hard, and challenge yourselves with the shoulder to overhead (especially considering how much shoulder […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 10112017 – I go where I want to go

Hey Folks! Great work today on that DT + lungs style workout.  The WOD name is a quote from “The Emperors New Groove”, which if you haven’t seen it, you need to.  It’s a good one. Murph is going down this Saturday – so come on out and give a little sweat and pain in […]