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CrossFit Sudbury – 19092017 – Helen

Hey Folks! That was a beauty combo – more or less two conditioning sessions that required a good amount of strength combined with either stamina or speed.  AND we shouldn’t end up being too sore from it either. We’ve got Helen up tomorrow – gotta take advantage of the warm weather while we still can […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 18092017 – Das Boot

Hey Folks! Killer weekend – awesome mental/physical/emotional test on Saturday, too.  We don’t do those very often, but when we do, we all leave the WOD a better person (hopefully, if you aren’t happy with your performance, you learned something about yourself, or how to approach different aspects of your training). We’ve got an exciting […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 15092017 – Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Hey Folks! Espresso!  Man if you trip on those double unders, the clock has no mercy for you.  Did you see our CrossFitter of the month for August?  You should.  I love seeing what our members have to say about us, seeing you guys achieving goals, but most importantly, just improving the SHIT out of […]

CrossFitter of the Month – August 2017

Hey Folks! It’s the most wonderful time of the month 🙂 It’s time to highlight another one of our amazing members.  This month we’re excited to recognize someone who has been with us for quite some time, and who has been putting in serious effort while also juggling buying a house, attending competitions, and being […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 13092017 – Espresso

Hey Folks! Mandie programmed a beauty WOD – it was a jerk WOD, and then a toes to bar WOD.  SUPER fun – and we had some awesome vibes in the gym all day.  Stoked about all the heavy squats and deadlifts.  We’re looking GOOD folks – we’re going to be seeing some awesome upticks […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 13092017 – Monkey see, Monkey do!

Hey Folks! Great work on Elizabeth today – with the squat cleans it made it more difficult – but don’t you feel like a better person for doing it properly?  I know I do.  You always feel good when you do things right. There are always ways to search for a shortcut, a way to […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 12092017 – Elizabeth

Hey Folks! Great work today – hopefully it helped folks shake off the soreness/rust from Fridays training.  We’ve got this weeks Benchmark today – Elizabeth!  The Ring Dips’ll get ya!  Plan them out and you stand a better chance of getting through the workout with a PR time 🙂 Back in the day Elizabeth was […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 11092017 – Tastefully Offensive

Hey Folks! Great weekend – the weather was beautiful (a bit chilly in the AM’s though – right?), the drinks were cold, and the training was hot.  We’re into the last day to pre-Order the Baseball T’s – So take a look, imagine yourself PRing your favourite movement while wearing one, and Let us know […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 08092017 – Angie

Hey Folks! Bonita kicked some serious butt.  Hope you all loved it.  We did it back in December of last year – if you wanted to check your previous score. Next up we’ve got a doozy – Angie.  If you haven’t been hitting many of the pull-up days, make sure you pace your pull-ups.  There […]