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CrossFit Sudbury – 16112017 – Goodbye my love!

Hey Folks! Great work today – it was an interesting WOD to watch, as all those seconds transitioning between movements, even when it’s only a few seconds, tend to add up over that many rounds.  Super cool seeing you guys work so hard, and challenge yourselves with the shoulder to overhead (especially considering how much shoulder […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 14112017 – A place where the beer flows like wine

Hey Folks! Awesome work today!  The shoulders are going to get somewhat of a break today (minus some pull ups and double unders), so that’s good news.  I triceps are BLOWN UP, in general (between the DB push presses last week, then murph, and now today).  But that’s good news.  Now they’ll be stronger going […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 13112017 – “And I stand by my performance”

Hey Folks! The weekend flew by – and I’m super sore from Murph.  Though it was a PR, so I’m pretty happy about that. Tuesday evening – Meredith is coming to speak with folks about Essential Oils – if you’d like to learn more about them, come on out to this weeks Coaches Cafeé 🙂 […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 10112017 – I go where I want to go

Hey Folks! Great work today on that DT + lungs style workout.  The WOD name is a quote from “The Emperors New Groove”, which if you haven’t seen it, you need to.  It’s a good one. Murph is going down this Saturday – so come on out and give a little sweat and pain in […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 08112017 – Goodnight Owl

Hey Folks! I hope you finished an even number of rounds – otherwise, you’ll be lopsided forever (especially you, Emily) 😉 I’m really happy with how well you guys have done with all the single arm/hand/leg stuff we’ve been doing lately – some folks have noticed asymmetries, others have improved their strength on those opposite […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 07112017 – Self Titled

Hey Folks! Good work on the push ups – some of them were a little dicey (almost universally), but that’s occasionally the price you pay when you’re doing 50 for time.  You guys fought it as long as you could though – Which is all we can ask for! (your best) Keep up the great work […]

CrossFit Sudbury – 06112017 – One Hundred Sixty-Six Percent

Hey Folks! Great weekend – I am SORE (in a good way).  So glad that so many of you were able to make it out, and that everyone put in such an awesome effort – There were some PRs, some subjective PRs and definitely a high five/smile PR 🙂 We’re stoked to continue to bring […]