CrossFit Sudbury – 01082017 – Double Dutch

Hey Folks!

Didn’t realize I hadn’t posted the WOD yet.  Here it is!

Coaches Notes:

Heavy deadlifts & Press volume.  It is what it is, don’t rush it, keep it quality and have some fun.  We did “Double Dutch” back on February 21st.  If I remember correctly, it was a real leg burner.  Spend some time doing a couple “rehearsal” rounds of the WOD – sets of 5 back and forth 2 or 3 times.  You may snatch your first Overhead Squat.  Not a lot of strategy involved, other than not wasting time between reps, and being midful of where your barbell goes when/if you’re dropping it.  The 15’s and 10’s have a mind of their own when dropped – so be respectful of where the other athletes are and don’t just drop your back and walk away from it, control the bounce.

Strength work:

3 Sets of:
3 Deadlifts @80%
12 Dumbbell Press (bilateral) at whatever is the heaviest you can safely, and effectively use.
*Rest as needed between sets.

Conditioning – “Double Dutch”:

For Time:

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Reps:
Overhead Squats (75/55)

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps:
KB Swings (50/35)

Scale up: (115/75), (70/50) or somewhere in between.

CrossFit Sudbury – 31072017 – Mini-Angie Goes for a Run

Hey Folks!

July coming to a close, which is pretty sad, really.  That was a FAST month – silly fast.  Hope you all had some good times, some great times, and very few not so awesome times (definitely not a fan favourite).  Feedback was awesome – thank you guys!  I will work on getting some more hooks, and bath mats in the bathrooms, the hand paper towels are now restocked, and we will continue to carry Deuce spray, haha.  Sadly, still no room for a sauna – but if you’re jonesing, just wait til the Dryer is on in the bathroom and bring an airdyne in there.  Boom – Sauna.

Games are coming up this week!  Yesssssss.  If you’re in the pool, make sure you get those picks in.

That’s it, that’s all!  See you in the gym, Friends!

Coaches Notes:

Little strength/skill work to start.  Make sure you’re leading with your chest up out of the clean and front squats – it should help you stay in your whole foot with a slight bias to the heels, and otherwise in a great position.  Make sure you’re getting the rest you need, but don’t waste time.  Todays conditioning will be a bit longer and a beauty.  Work on getting through each movement with a strategy that will work best for you.  THe sit ups and squats should be unbroken, and the pull ups and push ups can be broken up as needed.  Just make sure you aren’t staring at the pull up bar/floor.

Strength work:

5 Sets at the same weight:
1 Clean + 2 Front Squats @75% of your clean

Conditioning – “Mini-Angie Goes for a Run”:

For time:
25 pull ups
25 push ups
25 sit ups
25 squats
800m Run
25 pull ups
25 push ups
25 sit ups
25 squats

CrossFit Sudbury – 28072017 – “Angel Dust”

Hey Folks!

Friday!  So “Tacky Glue” was a nice mental test.  holy smokes to Emily, Todd, Colin, Marc, et al  – you guys were really givin’ er eh?

The weekend is approaching and life is good.  Weightlifting Club is coming to a close for this cycle – we’re looking at a September start date for the next cycle.  I’m considering re-jigging the format a bit, but we will see – Obviously I want what we offer to be better than what we’re currently offering, so it isn’t, I won’t.  Boom, how’s that for vague?

Between reading a lot of books/research lately, as well as having lived some good situations over the last few years, I can concretely tell you all one thing.  There are no shortcuts or secrets.  No supplement, technique, or therapy will fix a lack of sleep.  No exercise, supplement, or super secret squirrel program will fix a bad diet.  No special warm up, supplement, technique, or other trick is going to magically make you stronger, more flexible or more skilled.  Or smarter.  You just have to put in the work.  Sometimes the work is going to bed earlier.  Sometimes it’s drinking more water.  Sometimes it’s pushing for that one extra rep (but not always, right Katie?).  Sometimes it’s scaling the workout back to increase your form and intensity.  Sometimes it’s spending the time (a LOT of time) working on your body to improve your flexibility.  Point is, is there isn’t a trick to it.  There isn’t some secret thing you aren’t doing.  Keep working hard.  Keeping seeking to improve the quality of the way you eat, move and think.  And in tiny, 1% increments (or maybe even less), you improve.  Imperceptible improvements, even.  But they are improvements.  So don’t give up.  Audit your life for those weaknesses, and work to improve them by 1%.  And when those crappy moments arise where you’re thinking about staying up to watch one more episode, or if you should get that ice cream or not – think to yourself – Is this going to make me 1% better?

Coaches Notes:

Working up to some heavy Presses and Deadlifts.  Don’t take all day to find your “maxes”.  But make sure you’re lifting heavy and maintaining perfect to near perfect form.  There’s no point in doing 10 more pounds if you blow your back out in the process.  On the Training for the day – It will likely be challenging, but doable.  Not the normal pedal to the metal pace, which should be nice.  Focus on movement quality, and challenge yourself as far as movements go.  If strict pull ups are too easy, but muscle ups aren’t there yet, do a couple chest to bar pull ups + some normal chin above bar pull ups.  The world is your oyster – shape it as you will.

Strength work:

On your own time:
3 sets of 8 Presses – find a “max” for today and use the same weight for all three sets.
5, 3, 2 Deadlifts – each a “max” (no failing, so not likely a TRUE 5, 3 and 2 rep max, but they should be heavy, and moving perfectly)

*Superset the movements. Pair up with a friend to share barbells.

Training – “Angel Dust”

Every 20 Seconds for 10 minutes:
Station 1: 1 Muscle up / 3-5 strict pull ups
Station 2: 6-8 Jumping Squats (scale up: Hold a DB or KB in the goblet position)
Station 3: 20 second plank

CrossFit Sudbury – 27072017 – “Tacky Glue”

Hey Folks!

so that was a pretty fun little chipper 🙂  Really good one to try and push the pace – folks shouldn’t be too sore from it either, which is nice.

Tomorrow has a little bit of everything, sorta.  Should be another beauty.  If your hands are getting a little sore – make sure to bring your grips, or plan to sub some movements.  You’ll be ok though.

Coaches notes:

Little single arm work – as well as some skill work.  If you’re good at Double unders – try to do them FAST.  If you aren’t, practice doing them 😉  on the WOD – it’s a lot of gripping/pulling – Hook grip the barbell, break up the toes to bar early and set a solid pace on the airdyne/rower.

Symmetry & Skill:

5 Rounds NOT for time:
5 Single arm Thrusters per arm (dumbbell – you choose the weight)
20 Double unders (or 30 seconds double under practice)

Conditioning – “Tacky Glue”:

15 Minute AMRAP:
300m Row
15 Toes To Bar
15 Squat Cleans (115/73)
30 Cal Airdyne
15 Toes to bar
15 Squat Cleans (115/73)

CrossFit Sudbury – 26072017 – BattleToads

Hey Folks!

Allllright.  Snatch work today (yesssss).  Thanks to everyone that popped some feedback into that little feedback box thingy the other day.  It really does help to know where everyone is at, what you’re enjoying, and what we can improve with the place (I wish the AC would cool the gym, but you can imagine having the doors open defeats the purpose, and closing them is undesirable when those beautifully sunny days do pop up.  I will be looking into some fans though to hopefully help with moving more air around at least.

If you didn’t get a chance and want to pop in some feedback, I’ll post up the box again.  If you’d rather, you can always email me directly too.

Coaches Notes:

Snatch Practice.  This is slightly light – but its about practice.  Work to keep the bar close to the body, pull yourself under, and stay active when you catch the bar.  Nice little chipper for the WOD – keep moving, lift those feet up on those box jumps (no shinning yourself on the box!).  2 Rounds should be a challenge.


Every 1.5 minutes for 7 rounds:
1 3-Position Snatch @65%

Conditioning – “BattleToads”

10 Minute AMRAP:
50 Sit ups
40 Box Jump-overs (24/20)
30 KB Swings (American, 50/35)
20 Wall Ball
10 Burpees

CrossFit Sudbury – 25072017 – Mary

Hey Folks!

oooooohhhh Mary is going to be so fun!  This is a great workout to pace according to your weaknesses/strengths.  For some it will be the Handstand push ups, for others the Pistols, and for others still, the pull ups, (or whichever variations you choose).  Keeping in mind, the upside is that none of those things overly tires you out for the next.  So if your weakness is pistols, try to fire through the HSPU’s and pull ups, as by the time you get back to the pistols, your legs will be “fresh”.  Then you can more or less break the pistols into a couple “sets” within the same set.

Make sure you guys are making an effort to get your sleep, take your fish oil, do your mobility work, and fuel your body well.  What is the ultimate reason you come to see us?  Likely some variation on the plan to become the best, most healthy and/or fit version of yourself.  So make sure you’re touching all those bases.  There really isn’t any way to work around them.

Coaches Notes:

See above 🙂

Benchmark – “Mary”:

As many rounds as possible in 20 min

5 Handstand push-ups
10 1-legged squats
15 Pull-ups

CrossFit Sudbury – 24072017 – “The Crumpler”

Hey Folks!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend – the weather was great, and then less great (or double great if you don’t have a problem with rain!)  As far as benchmarks for the week go – we’ve got “Mary” set up for Tuesday.  Just some high quality training otherwise!

Remember folks, if you’re feeling beat up, you can skip part of the days training to do some mobility or light walking/rowing/biking – let your coach know if you’re feeling particularly beat up – I’m doing my best to push some solid adaptations in you guys, but we all adapt at our own pace – so let me know!

Putting up a form because I haven’t for a while – Let me know if you have any feedback – The form is anonymous, so if you want me to know who is writing you’ll need to leave your name.

*warning, swears in the video I believe (walking dead trailer)*

Coaches Notes:

On the jerks – keep the bar on your body – this means it’ll be more or less against your throat.  This is true for all the pressing movements.  So long as you don’t hit your face (get it out of the way and you won’t), your bar path will improve, your ability to transmit force into the bar will improve, and the lift will all together feel easier.  On the WOD – Plan which endurance movement you do whenever you’d like, but you can’t repeat them (i.e. once you run, you need to either row or bike, and then you need to do whatever is left for the last movement).  The barbell isn’t particularly heavy, but you will be winded for the workout in general, so remember to breathe, and be efficient with the way you move the barbell (and your body)

Skill work:

Every 30 seconds for 7 Minutes:
1 Jerk @70%

Conditioning – “The Crumpler”

For time:
Endurance movement*
30 Jerks (95/65)
Endurance movement*
30 Front Squats (95/65)
Endurance movement*
30 Power Cleans (95/65)

*Choose 1 each of: 500m Row, 400m Run, 30/25 Cal Bike, whichever order you’d like.

CrossFit Sudbury – 21072017 – CFSuds Tri

Hey Folks!

Great work on DT, and/or either of the bonus options.  It always looks easier on the whiteboard than it is in practice, but super fun too.

Today we have some “lighter” accessory work and then a nice version of a “triathlon” 🙂

Coaches Notes:

Some volume in accessory work.  Don’t take it too lightly either though (literally and figuratively).  THe WOD should be a nice little shake up.  Goal was to try to replicate how weird it feels to try to run after biking (during a triathlon), but in a more fun way.

Accessory work:

5 sets of 10 each:
10 Press
10 Good mornings

These will both likely be pretty light.

Conditioning – “CFSuds Tri”:

4 Rounds for time:
10 Pull ups
15/13 Cal Bike
200m Run


CrossFit Sudbury – 20072017 – “DT”

Hey Folks!

Thursday already.  It’s a good day to crush some barbell work, eat some pizza, and read some new comics (or whatever else blows your hair back), at least that’s what 7 year old me would do (if you sub in baseball for barbell work).

Coaches Notes:

DT!  A Fan favourite for sure – If you’re really struggling with wrist pain/stiffness or your front rack position isn’t the best in the world – consider using dumbbells for DT.  It’ll preserve the stimulus and still give you an epic workout.  Goal is everything unbroken, though realistically, your best bet is to do 11 deadlifts, pause for a moment, do your 12th deadlift and then go right into your cleans.  You then have a couple options, you can do them unbroken and go right into the jerks (works well when fresh/mentally tough), or you can go 8 cleans, then rest then 1 more and right into the jerks.  On the bonus fitness – depending how fresh you’re feeling, you have some options.  Scenario A) Feeling Subway fresh!  Do #1.  Scenario B) Feeling “do you think this is expired???” fresh – Option 2 is probably in your best interest.

Benchmark – “DT”:

In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED.Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J. First posted 13 April 2009.
5 RFT:
12 Deadlifts 155/105#
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

Bonus Fitness – Option 1 – “Your face has nothing to do with your pain”:

20 Rounds for time:
4 Push up on Dumbbells
3 Right arm row
3 Left arm row
2 Power Clean
1 Thruster

Bonus Fitness – Option 2 – monostructural

10 Minutes on the airdyne/rower/out for a run.

CrossFit Sudbury – 19072017 – “It ain’t ‘You all’, it’s ‘Y’all!'”

CrossFit Sudbury

Hey Folks!

A little bit of running, a nice tan, such a relaxing, awesome day, right?  Tomorrow – some handstanding fun, some single arm work, and some burpees.  WITH rest.  Shouldn’t be devastating at all, but might be still a great little injection of intensity before DT on Thursday.

If you haven’t checked out your push press account and/or updating your billing info – please do so.  The email should lead you to where you need to go 🙂 You can also go here

Coaches Notes:

Handstand work – have at it, and/or work on your overhead stability work (Yoak, Dumbbells, etc.)  On the WOD, It’ll pay to do your sets unbroken, so that you aren’t doing extra power snatches.  Have at the burpees so that you can get to the rest.


Spend 10 Minutes working on:
Handstand holds
Handstand walks
Handstand push ups

If you’re uncomfortable getting upside down – try playing with the yoak with KB’s on bands. If it’s too easy standing still with it, trying walking slowly with it overhead, or put the weights on uneven settings.

Conditioning – “It ain’t ‘You all’, it’s ‘Y’all!'”

10 Minute AMRAP:
10 single arm Overhead Squats (50/35) (5 each arm)
10 DB Power Snatch (50/35) (5 each arm)
10 Burpee over dumbbell
1 Minute Rest