CrossFit Sudbury – 29072016 – “Sir Ernest Shackleton”

Hey Friends!

Boom – Long weekend all up in your grill!  Todays WOD is a whole bunch of unorthodox stuff, sorta.  Should make for a different stimulus and a whole bunch of fun.  These workouts are great as you don’t really know how to best approach them… so stay focused and push the pace to see what happens 😉

We’re going to be closed on Monday, but back to normal hours on Tuesday.  Saturday and Sunday have their normal hours.  Sorry about Monday, but go for a 5k run…  We don’t program those.


Every Minute for 8 Minutes:
1 Rope climb (15′ – legless if possible. Sub 3 Ring Rows + 3 toes to bar)

Metcon – “Sir Ernest Shackleton”:

15 Minute AMRAP:
100m (out to the shed toward RHP and back) Sled push (90/65)
5 Snatch 135/95 or 65%
5 Chin ups (Strict, weighted if possible)

CrossFit Sudbury – 28072016 – “Wavy Lays”

Hey Friends!

Killer WOD today.  I did NOT have the desire to push hard during the airdyne today – but it was a great WOD and I hope you’re all feeling stronger with your Bench, I know I am.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we’re maxing out our clean & jerk.  It might be a 1RM, it might just be something heavy, but push yourself if you can, or if you’re really feeling beat up, wait until Friday.  Stay tight, trust in your training, and attack the barbell with some ferocity.


Spend 12 Minutes working up to a max Clean & Jerk.

Metcon – “Wavy Lays”:

3 Rounds For time:
5 Clean & Jerk @70% (power or squat)
10 Dips
15 Pull ups
20 Goblet Squats (50/35/25)
50 Double Unders

CrossFit Sudbury – 27072016

Hey Friends!

Soooo, how was it?  Happy to get a little muscle up work in?  Did you feel snappy under the bar on those Snatches?  The Snatch is a difficult and technical lift that is built on many other movements – if you’re struggling, or stalled out, your best bet is often to lay off for a bit and work on your weaknesses, or variations of the lift that target where you’re having an issue (i.e. if the bar is getting to far away from you, working on some paused Snatch Grip deadlifts, or some Snatch high pulls or even Muscle Snatches can help with staying active through your shoulder blades, as well as a better bar path).


Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes:
8 Bench Press @~65%
3 Clapping (sub aggressive push ups or strict push ups as best you can)
30 second plank

Metcon – “Garrfieeeld!!!”

10 Minute AMRAP:
16 Slam Balls (30/20/10)
10 Burpee box jump overs (24/20/16)
Airdyne (20/18/15 Cals)

CrossFit Sudbury – 26072016

Hey Friends!

The CFSuds OG’s will remember “OnRamp #1” – back in the day… when everyone was doing fundamentals for about a year – It’s so cool to think of where we are now versus where we were (if you were there, you know what I’m talking about, if you weren’t, you’ve likely seen the picture of the blue garage we used to be in).  We’ve worked hard to provide great equipment, hours, and coaching, but most importantly to nurture an awesome environment that is only possible with you guys!  So thanks! 🙂

Tomorrow’s WOD is a bit different (more complicated movements) from todays (pretty simple) WOD (but equally as difficult) 😉 Hope you enjoy it!


Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
2 Hang Snatches @65%
1 Muscle up (sub: 2 chest to bar pullups)


12 Minute AMRAP:
20/16 Cal Row
20 Walking Lunges
10 Foot Handstand walk (sub 15second handstand hold)

CrossFit Sudbury – 25072016

Hey Friends!

Killer weekend!  Saturday was a fun one and it looks like Sunday went down nicely with some folks even sneaking in a nice team WOD too.  Getting outside the gym is important, but making sure you’re having fun when you’re IN the gym is pretty crucial too!  Use some of that juice from watching to the games to put forth that extra effort, dial in your technique and shore up those weaknesses.


Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
Odd Minutes – 6 Front Squats @65%
Even Minutes – 10 DB/KB Snatches


For time:
400m Run
21 Push ups
21 Squats
400m Run
15 Push ups
15 Squats
400m Run
9 Push ups
9 Squats

CrossFit Sudbury – 22072016

Hey Friends!

You guys went too fast on that WOD.  Or maybe I took my time a bit too much.  Dang.  I think tomorrow we should finally be able to watch some legit CrossFit Games coverage via Youtube! 🙂  Sounds liek they’re starting with Murph and then moving on to all sorts of other destruction, I’m sure.

Super excited to watch either Josh Bridges or Alex Vigneault win the games on Sunday, as well as Carleen Mathews.  Just sayin’ 😉

Todays WOD is a repeat from May 3rd, and she’s a REAL beauty.  Get it in ya.


Spend 10 Minutes working up to the days 1RM Power Clean.  Or just a very heavy power clean.  Try to hit it 2 more times. (with rest between sets).

Metcon – “Pump Action”

12 Minute AMRAP:
2 Deadlifts @70%
4 Handstand push ups
8 Pistols

compare to May 22, 2013 and/or May 3rd, 2016

CrossFit Sudbury – 21072016

Hey Friends!

Nice to do a quick little sprint?  There were some FAST times – awesome work.  Thursday we’ve got some nice Bench work, rows, hollow rocking, and then some single arm thrusters.  Should be a blast!  Likely another quick one.

Games are on!  They seem pretty awesome so far – it’ll be interesting to see what the athletes are in store for tomorrow, or if it’s just a swim.


Every 2.5 Minutes for 10 Minutes (4 sets):
5 Bench Press @70%
10 Ring Rows
10 Hollow Rocks

Metcon – “Baloo”:

5 Rounds for time:
5 Single arm Thrusters right arm (50/35/25)
5 Single arm Thrusters left arm (50/35/25)
Bear crawl 2 lengths of the gym.

CrossFit Sudbury – 20072016

Hey Friends!

Soooooo apparently doing highly technical lifts after tiring yourself out with a 2k row is difficult.  Took me 7 snatches of the 15 before I dialled in the technique properly and felt good doing them.  You can bet that that one will be making an appearance again.  Also, didn’t realize we’d have 45 seconds to a minute of rest in between sets of the EMOM… you know that that means… I can fit more things into the EMOM 😉

CrossFit Games potentially start tomorrow!  Sounds like Dave Castro is treating this years games like a BUD/S test (for navy seals – designed to make you quit).  I was kind of hoping he’d dial it back a bit this year and just test people’s fitness, but he kinda went the other way with it.  For our members, when your friends/family talk to you about the games, make sure you mention that those people are the 0.001%, and that for the rest of us, we’re just working to get fit, and fun while we do it.  Nothing like trying to battle the notion that you’ll be maimed if you come to CrossFit.


Back Squat 3×8 @60-65%
Superset with 3×25 Kettlbell Swings (70/50/35)

Metcon – “Jack Rabbit”:

21-15-9 for time of:
Wall Ball (20/14/10)
Sit ups
Box Jumps (24/20/16)

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CrossFitter of the Month – June 2016

Hey Friends!

It’s that time!  We get to spotlight another of our amazing members!  This month we’re highlighting someone who showed up with some pretty good ability, but who we’ve still managed to squeeze some more performance, health and hopefully some high quality longevity out of!  This person puts in the time and effort needed to consistently improve, and always has great attitude regardless of the movements or time domain demanded.  We’re lucky to have them out and are looking forward to their continued improvements over the coming years!  June’s, “CrossFitter of the Month” is…


Sean!  Here are his answers to our questions!

Name: Sean P. O’Hare

Age: 29

Occupation: Geologist at Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (Glencore)

What was your exercise experience prior to crossfit?

I have always been active in many sports but in high school I played the normal sports (hockey, basketball, and track & field). Early on my best friend and I discovered the weight room at the school and just started getting stronger. During university I played varsity Ultimate Frisbee and continued to run and workout but with no real focus, or plan, but just stay in shape. Since school I have gone through spells of mountain biking, rock climbing, long distance running, and back to weight lifting, until I found Crossfit.

How long have you been doing crossfit and why do you choose to crossfit?

Actually, seriously doing crossfit – about 3 years-ish. I was working up in Dubreuilville (north of Wawa) and I was on one of my running binges, but it gets very, very cold there in the winter. My feet were freezing in my five fingers and I was concerned about my lunges freezing, so I needed something else. My best friend had started doing these crazy workouts a few months ago and I had liked them when I tried a few with him. I asked him about it and he told me to check out and I haven’t looked back since then. When I moved to Sudbury the first thing I did was sign up at the gym and have no regrets. I like the custom programming, the consistent coaching, and the community at the gym is amazing.


What is your favourite part about crossfit?

I like the challenge and the variety. Most days I don’t check online for the WOD, I Just show up and get a surprise. I am not looking for a PR every day; I am looking for an overall better fitness level and healthier lifestyle. Crossfit encourages me every day to be better at life.

What are the accomplishments you are proud of? (Crossfit or non crossfit related)

In the gym I was very proud after my first muscle ups, more lately I was thrilled when I managed to get a couple strict muscle ups in. At home I am proud of my vegetable garden that will soon be giving me lots of tomatoes!


Favourite workout or lift?

I have always been partial to more gymnastic related movements. When I see pull ups on the board, I know it is going to be a good WOD. I really like ring muscle ups now too.

Anything else you would like to share please feel free

I enjoy long sunset walks on the beach… but seriously I would like to thank all the coaches for their help and hints every day. My form would still be atrocious if it wasn’t for you and lots of my movements wouldn’t be nearly as efficient or fluid. Thanks everyone for the support during and after the WODs.

Thanks Sean!  Keep up the great work!

CrossFit Sudbury – 19072016

Hey Friends!

Awesome work on todays WOD!  There were some thrusters that went up that were more than some folks Clean & Jerk PR (Mel Mc!), which is crazy!  Clean & Jerk 1RM day is coming around soon – we’ll be doing work to help support that goal (and we have been already) – hopefully that explains all the front squatting, power cleans, wall balls, thrusters, etc. lately 🙂

Games picks for the pool are UP!  Dave ended up first in the draft overall (Ben Smith), and Tammy second (Sara Sigmundsdottir) – but everyone seemed to get someone pretty good (go Carleen Mathews!) and you never know… Sigmundsdottir came out of nowhere last year…  That’s why they play the game, right?

There’s a swear or two in the video FYI.


Every 2 Minutes for 20 Minutes (or treat it as a strength/skill work AMRAP).
Pair up with someone (or a few people) to share a sled and do it follow the leader style with one person trailing slightly behind the other.
2 Push Presses @80%
1 Jerk
10m Sled push (the width of one of our units) at 165/105
5 knees to elbows

Metcon – “The Chum Bucket”

For time:
2000m Row
15 Snatches @ 135/95/73 or ~60%
*snatches include a squat