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CrossFit Sudbury – 16022018 – Chalk up & Hook grip

Hey Folks!

Friday Tomorrow! Yay 🙂

Beauty week of training and some epic PRs and fun times all around!  Loving the awesome vibes in the gym lately!  Keep it up guys – make sure you’re filling in your accomplishments on the achievement board! (Katie – is your Squat on there?)

Coaches Notes:

Posterior Chain speed work!  That low back better be tight on the deadlifts – Speed doesn’t mean yanking the bar off the ground, so please don’t do that.  On the WOD – it should be a Sprint more or less.  Your grip will likely get smoked – so chalk up, and use your hook grip!


Deadlift for load:
5×2 @70% (aim for speed)
Goal – post. chain speed development.

Conditioning – “Chalk up & Hook Grip”

For Time
Power cleans @ 115/75
pull up
Goal – sprint!

CrossFit Sudbury – 15022018 – Abierto

Hey Folks!

Good times on the partner WOD today!  Thanks to Amy and Justin for being my WOD Valentines 😛

News – Sundays are going to start with a 10am class now, followed by open gym from 11-1!  Let us know what you think!

Coaches Notes:

Back to normal wall balls!  They should feel “easy” at this point – which will be nice.  After some heavy front squats they should feel pretty good, too.  If your low back tends to get lit up on DB snatches, try taking a slightly wider stance, or even putting a plate down to where you’ll lower the DB.  No point in messing your back up to do well on a single WOD.


Front Squat
*Add weight each set
Goal – Heavy front squats – not a max out day.

Conditioning – “Abierto”:

3 rounds for time
30 Wall Ball (20/14)
30 Dumbbell snatch, new standard (no dropping above the face, 50/35)
Goal – Practice with some open movements, and enjoying a lighter wall ball than usual.

CrossFit Sudbury – 14022018 – Off-it

Hey Folks!

Pulled a little switch-a-roo on ya – We’re doing Thursdays partner WOD Wednesday for Valentines day 🙂 So pick your valentine and crush extreme together!  Thanks to everyone who filled in the feedback form so far (in your emails) – it helps to get your opinions to make sure we’re on the right track (or to help keep the ship on the right track!)

The volume in our WODs is going to decrease a bit over the next 1.5 weeks, and then throughout the open.  It’s so that you can be in your best shape for the Open WOD (from Friday until Monday for the official Games site).

If you haven’t signed up for intramurals – get on it – it’s going to be WAY too fun.

Coaches Notes:

Have a blast with a friend!  Keep pushing yourself to move as quickly as you can, knowing you’ll have the rest you need while your partner is going 🙂

Partner WOD – “Off-it”

AMRAP 25 minutes
Partner workout – You go I go style
5 burpee over erg
10 calories row
15 jumping squats
Goal – explosive movement

CrossFit Sudbury – 13022018 – Just a light dusting

Hey Folks!

Well, that looked like a nice little open practice kind of WOD.  SO sad I missed it 😉 haha I will say though that all the thrusters we’ve been doing lately have made doing thrusters a lot easier.

We’ve got some more beauties this week – and then the Open starts next week!  If you haven’t been fooling around with chest to bar pull ups, working on toes to bar, kipping those handstand push ups, etc – you should get on it now.  Double unders too!

Get signed up for the intramurals!  It’s going to be a blast – for serious.

Coaches Notes:

High quality Open prep.  Work on setting the hips back on the push press a bit, and working on the drive through the hips & the press through the arms – timing is key.  That and being REALLY aggressive.  Grip is going to be the name of the game on the WOD.  That and saving your back.  Make sure you tighten up and don’t allow any rounding through the back.


Push Press
*Add weight each set.
Goal – Pressing strength & timing with the legs.  Not a 5RM.

Conditioning – “Just a light dusting”

Amrap 10 minutes
15 Toes to bar
30 Double Unders
10 Deadlifts (225/155)
Goal – Steady movement/strategy that will allow you to keep moving the whole 10 minutes.

CrossFit Sudbury – 12022018 – Blessup

Hey Folks!

Solid weekend – right?  Pretty serious training sessions all around, and what looked to be a pretty wicked “pull up” session with Coach Sara – I get the feeling we’ll have more pull ups and higher quality pull ups coming up over the next few months 🙂

Milestones just getting crushed at the gym lately!  Linked toes to bar and pull ups for lots of folks, first chest to bar pull ups, Ridiculously heavy deadlifts (Ryan), Cartwheels (Lea), Muscle ups (Tara) – We swapped out the “goal” board for an “achievement” board (in case you didn’t notice yet) – so throw those achievements up there and see how all our hard work is paying off 🙂

Coaches Notes:

Snatch 1RM day 🙂  If you don’t PR, I wouldn’t be upset – we haven’t really be periodizing for a maxout on the snatch – but we have done a boatload of weightlifting – so who knows, you might!  The rest is programmed into the WOD so that you don’t have to rest as much during the movements.  We’re working on consistency and we are training – meaning it may slow down your time, but the goal isn’t necessarily to get the fastest time, it’s to benefit from the training.  Today should benefit you by teaching what kind of pace you can maintain without spending time with your hands on your knees.


Snatch 1RM

Conditioning – “Blessup”

4 rounds
21 calories row
21 unbroken thrusters (you choose weight)
21 bar facing burpees
rest 1 minute

CrossFit Sudbury – 09022018 – Shoulders like Boulders & Open Prep yay!

Hey Folks!

Great work today with Jackie!  I put the old scores up on the facebook page – some serious PRs 🙂 All that quality pull up work is paying off (Thanks Coach Sara!)

It’s the weekend!  (almost) get it in ya!

Coaches Notes:

Open prep day!  This and the beginning of next week are still a little “higher volume”, but we’ll be tapering towards the end of next week, and then be continuing to kick ass through the Open.  If you need to, scale the HSPU’s

Shoulders like Boulders:

EMOM 10 minutes
30 Double Unders + 5-10 HSPU (open standards – Practice heels up)
Goal – Practice HSPU’s to open standards as well as double under practice.  You should have rest.

Open Prep, Yay!

Ascending EMOM until death (Cap 20 minutes)
Power snatch @ 95/65
Burpee (new standard)
Box jump (24/20)

(First Minute 1’s, Second minute 2’s, Third minute 3’s. etc.)
Goal – developing a healthy sense of urgency.  Practicing “open style” movements (higher hips on the power snatches)

CrossFit Sudbury – 08022018 – Jackie

Hey Folks!

Whoooo Nelly that was a doozy.  Definitely one that looked a lot easier on the whiteboard than it was in real life.  For me, the front squats got so difficult, so quickly.  I saw a lot of people lift way more weight than they expected for 3 reps in the Hang Power Snatch – which was pretty awesome.  Some folks even PR’d their Snatch all together – for 3 reps!  I was pleasantly surprised myself 🙂

Things to keep in mind:

  • The CrossFit Open is beginning in 2 weeks – get signed up for the intramurals, and if you’d like, join our team in the open on the official games site (two separate registrations)
  • Sara is running some one-off gymnastics classes on Sundays!  Check out the whiteboard and plan to come in and work on those skills/weaknesses/strengths 🙂
  • Weightlifting Club is starting up another 6 week cycle Starting this Saturday from 10am-12noon (it’ll only really take an hour to train, roughly – but you can come in any time during those two hours).

Coaches Notes:

Strength work for quality and positioning (also warming up that squat position).  Followed by Jackie!  Crushing the row is a bad idea – but challenge yourself.  If you can break up the thrusters (or not) in as few sets as possible, and same plan for the pull ups, you’ll be in good shape.  This is always a deceiving workout.


Back Pause Squat for load:
3×5 @65% (3 second pause in the bottom)
Goal – secret mobility work, strengthening positions

Benchmark – “Jackie”

For time:
• 1000m row
• 50 Thruster 45/35#
• 30 Pull-ups

*No dropping empty barbells unless you want to be rabbit punched in the solar plexus
Goal – It’s a benchmark – rip its’ face off

CrossFit Sudbury – 07022018 – Forearms like fire

Hey Folks!

Holy moly that was very Fran-esque today.  Awesome work everybody 🙂 We have some more beauty WODs coming up too!

Sara’s offering drop-in Gymnastics this Sunday – focusing on Pull ups!

Weightlifting Club is starting this Saturday, from 10-12!  Come on out and get WAY better at the Snatch and Clean & Jerk! 😉  Let me know if you’d like to Sign up for this 6 week cycle

Coaches Notes:

Snatch practice – Finish your pull and get under the bar.  You want your elbow lock out and feet stomping to happen at the same time.  Try to make your feet LOUD.  It’ll help with the snappiness of the lift.  Re-grip in the hang if you need to, they don’t need to be touch and go.  On the WOD, pick a weight you can do the sets unbroken with (though you may choose not to) – Then aim to move at the max speed you can continuously move at throughout the workout (ending up with you getting a similar amount of rounds in each round).


Work up to a 3RM Hang Power Snatch
Goal – Big finish & quickness under the bar

Conditioning – “Forearms like fire”

3 minutes AMRAP:
8 hang power cleans (135/95)
8 front squats (135/95)
8 Toes to bar

rest 1 minute between sets

5 Rounds
*Pick up where you left off
Goal – Consistency & Intention – don’t rush, but don’t waste time.  We’re looking for pure efficiency.

CrossFit Sudbury – 06022018 – PB & J

Hey Folks!

Triceps are going to be lit up!  Great work today – Lots of heavy breathing and high quality conditioning.  That pace you can maintain, but are struggling to keep up – that’s right around your lactic threshold.  There are a lot of benefits to improving your conditioning – your aerobic fitness – from getting more rounds on a long AMRAP, to recovering faster between heavy lifts.  So don’t “poo-poo” it as unimportant (not that you are – but I know in the past folks have focused on purely getting strong, etc. – the many era’s of CrossFit).

Coaches Notes:

Try to go heavy on those last couple sets.  You should be getting close to 90% – somewhere around there.  You should be getting a good idea as to how your row pacing goes nowadays, so keep that in mind during the Rows.  If need be, you can sub in a Bike, though it’s going to smoke the legs in a whole different way.  The shoulder to overhead should be in 3 sets or less (1 being ideal, obviously).


Front Squat for load:
Ascending weights

Conditioning – “PB & J”

3 rounds for time
30 Calories Row
20 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)

CrossFit Sudbury – 05022018 – Nice Kick, Pelé

Hey Folks!

Weekend!  The superbowl is still on (halftime) – so no winner just yet.

I don’t have much to say – but we have a great week coming up – more exposure to the open movements (in case you were wondering why so many chest to bar pull ups, toes to bar, muscle ups, cleans, etc.)  and slightly higher volume.  It’s going to be a good time.

Coaches Notes:

Goal is to move fast but not “rushed” in the WOD.  We’re continuing our “road to the muscle up” or if you already have them, “the road to more, better muscle ups”.  MORE heavy wall balls.  Have fun with it.  Aim for 3+ rounds on the first part, and consistent reps each minute on the burpee box jump overs (with the new standard).


Ring Dips
6 x 5 pause ring dips
2 seconds in the bottom of the dip,
weighted if you can
Goal – building strength in the receiving position of the muscle up

Conditioning – “Nice Kick, Pelé”

AMRAP 7 minutes:
12 Wall Ball (30/20)
4 ring muscle ups (4 Chest to bar + 4 Dips)
30 Double unders
Goal – moving quickly while remaining calm.  Supinate your hands for the pull ups (palms facing towards you).  

Rest 3 minutes and then…

Amrap 3 minutes
Max reps burpee box jump overs
Goal – Steady pace