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CrossFit Sudbury Biosteel Contest!

Hey Folks!

Alright, so here are the details for a contest that we’re holding with a little help from our friends at Biosteel 🙂

Every time you purchase a biosteel sample pack, you’ll get an entry into a raffle for a “Biosteel Prize pack”.  Here’s a little info about what Biosteel offers (and what we have in stock):



The only product I haven’t stocked is the vegan protein, though I can if there’s a demand for it.  Let me (or whoever is coaching at the time) know and I’ll pick some up!

Here is a little explanation from our Biosteel rep when I asked him to explain why people would want to take Biosteel versus something else:

It’s very important for everyone to understand the importance of testing and why we have our products certified. This not only ensures the highest quality standards are met but proves that whatever is on the label is actually in the product. 95% of companies do not certify or test their products and without that you have no idea what is in them.

Another big thing to understand is that we never intended to ever sell our products we only made them for the high profile athletes we were working with and to give them a much safer and healthier alternative to traditional supplement companies. Because of this, cost was never an issue, we just wanted to find the best of the best ingredients and put them together. It was the demand for safe and high quality products that we actually decided to bring them out to market to the general public.
Finally, another thing that separates us is that we do not use cheap and generic blends of ingredients or concentrates. Everything is sourced from the highest caliber ingredient and we will never shy away from that.
Good explanation that makes sense to me.  Personally, I’ve taken the sports drink, which I find makes water taste amazing, and might have helped during metcons, but I honestly can’t be sure.  I can honestly say it’s infinitely healthier for you than gatorade, powerade or some of the other Pre- or intra-WOD stuff I’ve had.  The best way to know would be to try it.  Full Disclosure on the sports drink – it has a small amount of Splenda/Sucralose in it.  From what Biosteel tells me it’s a small enough amount that they don’t legally have to list it as an ingredient (which is kind of scary), but they do (list it).  He’s always been very straight forward with me about it, which is nice.
As for the Protein, I haven’t had it yet.  Though I have had the Advanced Recovery Formula (as have many others in the gym).  I’ve heard back that there is little to no stomach upset, it’s delicious (though be warned, the vanilla is pretty sweet and marshmallow-flavoured-ish) and tastes amazing mixed with water (I take 2 scoops in a full shaker bottle).  I’ve noticed a significant improvement in not feeling like I’ve been beaten with a bat after workouts, and feel more prepared for the next day.  The ingredients in the formula have whey hydrolysate, whey isolate and micellar casein (really fast, fast, and slower) proteins, respectively.  Meaning you’ll have a steady stream of amino acids available to your recovering muscles.  There is also a carb complex (brown rice syrup, maltodextrin, organic cane sugar) with cinnamon – to help recover muscle glycogen stores.  So you’ll notice it helps best after a hard metcon.
I haven’t tried the vegan protein, though I can imagine vegans would want to try it (and likely enjoy it).
Let me know if you have any questions, comments or want to lift together.  I can also suggest which (if any) products would be right for you 🙂