CrossFit Sudbury – 01092017 – Crimson Berry

Hey Folks!

Friday is going down with some beauty Back Squats and desirable deadlifts.  And I thought we could also use a bit more running before the weather gets too cold.  And a whole bunch of shoulder to overhead lifts.  You’re going to love it.

Things to remember (aside from Mandy Moore):

Coaches Notes:

MOAR SQUATS!  These should be light and feel amazing for the first 5 reps, and challenging towards the end of each set, but form should be beautiful, so if you’re struggling, it’s too heavy.  Deads are meant to be HEAVY.  Still great form, but load them up.  On the conditioning, make sure you’re staying tight through the core while going from shoulder to overhead, which will be tough after running fairly fast.  Percentages are based off your Jerk.  Going unbroken should be a serious challenge.

Strength work:

Warm up to and complete:
2 sets of 10 Back Squats @Light-Moderate weight
then warm up to and complete:
4 sets of 2 Deadlifts @Heavy

Conditioning – “Crimson Berry”:

For time:
800m Run
15 Shoulder to Overhead @50%
400m Run
10 Shoulder to Overhead @60%
200m Run
5 Shoulder to Overhead @70%

* Bar comes off the ground for the shoulder to overheads.

CrossFit Sudbury – 31082017 – It’s a Human Construct

Hey Folks!

WOW – so that was a workout and a half.  My performance fell off pretty quickly from round to round.  Some news I forgot to remind everyone about yesterday – There’s a sign-up sheet for the Day at the Rowing Club with Emily!  We’d like to have everyone signed up by the 15th of September, so make sure to set aside that time, and come on out for some rowing fun!

Coaches Notes:

Jerk Practice – also power cleans and front squats, but they’ll do a great job of tiring you out so that you’re forced to be as technical as possible on the jerk, while keeping the arms pretty fresh.  You’ll be ok 🙂  On the WOD, the rounds are meant to be done QUICKLY.  The HSPU’s can be paced so that you do them properly, but then grab the sandbag and HUSTLE out toward the edge of the building (toward RHP) and back.  You may not actually be moving fast but your intention is to be moving fast.

Strength Work:

5 sets of:
5 Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats + 1 Jerk @60% of your Power Clean 1RM

Conditioning – “It’s a Human Construct”:

8 Rounds for time:
4 Handstand Push ups (strict, ideally – from a deficit, if possible)
100m Sandbag run (60/30)
Rest 30 seconds

CrossFit Sudbury – 30082017 – John Stamos

Hey Folks!

The week is rolling – hump day already!  We’ve got Labour day coming up – so hopefully you’ve got some traveling planned, or maybe a trip to Ribfest downtown.

If you haven’t seen it – check out the pre-order for the Baseball Tshirts

We’re also signed up for the whole life challenge – starting on September 16th!  A bunch of folks in the gym have done it time to time and I think unanimously have found it helped – even though your instinct is to say, “oh I can do that on my own” – it just works.

Lots to check out!  Take a look around, let us know if you have any questions/desires 🙂

Coaches Notes:

This should be a blast.  I’m personally very excited about this one – I would put your partner that’s better at pull ups/toes to bar, on the rower before that part, as you don’t want to completely take away the other partners pulling power on the rower before the pull up bar comes up.  I’d also plan to pull up early on the rower/bike so that you can set up/be ready for the barbell/pull up/toes to bars.

Training – “John Stamos” AKA, “Did we just become best friends???”

4 Rounds for total reps + Cals:
Minute 1 – Cals on the rower/bike*
Minute 2 – Max Ground to Overhead (135/95)
MInute 3 – Cals on the rower/bike (the one you didn’t do in minute 1)
Minute 4 – Max pulls ups or toes to bar (mix and match as you like)
Minute 5 – Rest

* With a partner – one starts on the rower, one on the bike (you’ll switch places in minute 3). You’re both going at the same time during Minute 1 and 3. 1 person working at a time during minutes 2 and 4. Both partners rest during MInute 5.

CrossFit Sudbury – 29082017 – I see you’ve played knifey spoony before

Hey Folks!

So that sounded like a bit of a pukey one – which is always fun, right?  “Fun”, maybe?  Either way, great work to those who pushed a limit a bit.

We’ve got some varied time domains coming up this week – which I hope you will enjoy (I’m stoked for them, so that’s at least 1 person, haha).

Things to check out!

Whole Life Challenge – Begins September 16th – It’s an 8-week long challenge based on the idea that we can dial in your diet and lifestyle in profound ways, and build habits that you’ll take with you long after you’ve completed the challenge.  This isn’t meant to be a “cleanse” or anything weird like that.  Do you feel like you could add any healthy habits to your life?
We’ve got a team for Sudbury School of Fitness – Sign up here if you’re interested 🙂

Baseball T-shirt pre-order is LIVE.  It will run for 2 weeks, and then we’ll put the order in and hopefully have the shirts within another 2 weeks.  If you want a shirt get that order in (and save 10%), or if you don’t care about saving 10% but still want a shirt, let us know your size!  We’re picking up the black and grey (dark grey and light grey?  I don’t know I’m colour blind) one (that the logo and stuff is mocked up onto)

Coaches Notes:

Back Squats & Deadlifts!  Slightly less volume (10 reps versus 15) means more weight on the squats, and more deadlifts means less weight and more reps.  The next time you see this rep scheme, you’ll go up in weight on it.  So keep in mind what weight you’re using each time we squat.  Or you know, just keep adding weight 😉  Today’s conditioning piece is more or less a burpee workout.  Unless you’re great at burpees, in which case it might be a power snatch workout for you.  Stay classy on the movement to and from the floor with dumbbell, as if you don’t, your low back is going to be LIT UP.  Walking lunges are unweighted.  Keep moving, keep breathing.


Warm up to and then complete:
5 sets of 2 Back Squats @75%
then drop down the weight and complete:
2 sets of 7 Deadlifts @65%

Conditioning – “I see you’ve played knifey spoony before”:

10 Minute AMRAP:
10 DB Power Snatch (50/35) (5 each arm, any order)
10 Burpees
10 Walking lunges


CrossFIt Sudbury – 28082017 – Jack Key

Hey Folks!

Hope you guys had an epic weekend!  The Mayweather-McGregor fight went as expected.  You can’t be too upset when a boxer (let alone a VERY good one), beats someone else at boxing.  But it was still entertaining!

WODs in the gym were super fun this weekend – If you missed out, don’t worry, there will be more awesome, fun WODs coming your way all week/month/year/decade.

Coaches Notes:

Strength work is going to drain the legs and arms a bit before doing some heavy thrusters.  This’ll pay off down the road.  If you find you’re tilting forward (hips coming up before the chest) on your thrusters, lighten the load a bit.  We want to practice quality reps – otherwise, you’re just strengthening poor positions.  on the WOD, it should be a fairly quick one – attack it with some gusto.  Pace the row a bit so that you can immediately grab the wall ball and start.  Aim to go unbroken on everything 🙂


Every 1.5 minutes:
3 Front Squats
3 Push Press
3 Thrusters

Use 50-60% of your front squat 1RM

Conditioning – “Jack Key”:

3 rounds for time of:
300m Row
20 Wall Balls (20/14)
10 Pull-ups

CrossFit Sudbury – 25082017 – “Evasion”

Hey Folks!

Some high quality Snatch/Clean & Jerk work today followed by a fan favourite in “Evasion”.  I don’t have a lot to say other than let me know if you’re interested in checking out Poutinefest on Saturday, and also watching the fight!

There is probably swearing in the press conference video below, I haven’t watched it yet.

Coaches Notes:

Weightlifting work!  This should be a fun one – strategize as you see fit.  You know the deal with Evasion too 🙂 Have some fun with it!


3 sets of 4, Touch and go:
Ground to Overhead* @75% of your Snatch 1RM

*During the set of 4, at least 1 rep needs to be a Snatch. So you can do any combination of Snatches and Clean & Jerks (the full lifts, not power variations) to get those four reps in, but you shouldn’t let go of the bar while you’re doing it (if you need to reposition your hands, lower the bar into your hips/thighs to move your hands). The goal is beautiful movement, but also time under tension – so dropping the bar between reps is going to take away from your training stimulus (though drop the bar if you feel unsafe at all). You can record how you broke up the sets on each set.

Conditioning – “Evasion”:

Cover as much distance as possible in 20 Minutes:
Row, Run, and Airdyne as far as you can in 20 Minutes. Split them up as desired but you must:
Run at least 800m
Row at least 1000m
Air dyne at least 800m

Compare to November 30th and March 3rd of 2016.

CrossFit Sudbury – 24082017 – Mainsite – “170809”

Hey Folks!

Simple, but not an easy workout coming up.  Hope you enjoyed the “choose your own adventure” – a nice little change up from having the exact training dictated to you (though I know there were only so many ways to mix it up).

Keep up the great work!

Coaches Notes:

Today we’ve got a bit of a running WOD.  Probably about 12-20 minutes, depending on how fast a runner you are, and how efficient you are with cycling your snatches.  Work on steady movement, and trying not to slow down on your runs too much.  Try not to go out TOO hard on the first run or two, and pace things out to finish faster overall.  Today is a good day to work in a little extra mobility & weakness work.  We’re doing some Snatches and Clean & Jerks friday, and then “evasion”, so feel free to work in some other skills/strength work!  Back Squats and Deadlifts again on Saturday (3×5 and 3×3 again, respectively – with more weight than last time).  Plan accordingly 🙂

Conditioning – “Mainsite 170809”:

5 rounds for time of:
400-m run
15 left-arm kettlebell snatches, (35/25)*
15 right-arm kettlebell snatches, (35/25)*

*Sub in dumbbells if you tend to mangle your forearm. But make sure you spend a few minutes practicing KB snatches!

CrossFit Sudbury – 23082017 – Choose your own Adventure & Tabata fun

Hey Folks!

Hope Annie went swimmingly for you.  I haven’t PR’d Annie for a bit (though i haven’t tried yet today!), but something as simple as a single trip can mess up your time once you’ve pared it down quite a bit.  There WERE some awesome PRs today though (Trista!) – so amazing work to all the people putting in the time to get better at their double unders, and building more core strength – it’s showing.

Coaches Notes:

Choose your own adventure – for time.  This is a good strategy one.  Leave the machines upstairs, please, that’ll have to be part of the strategy.  Break things up however you’d like, but get it done – we’ll be timing you.  I could suggest strategies, but I’d rather you guys “learn by doing” on this – also, it’s tough since we’re all at different points, so the approach would be very different for each person.  If you have trouble locking out your snatches, I’d probably save the push ups until after them, though!  Tabata Squats and good old slam balls.  A little bit of pacing here, but for the most part, if you go all out, it’ll feel awesome.

Choose your own Adventure!

Complete for time, partitioned as you’d like:
30 Power Snatches (135/95)
50 Push ups
1000m Row
30/25 Cal Bike

Tabata Air Squat & Slam Ball

Perform 8 Tabata Intervals (4 minutes) of:
Air Squats
and then, perform 8 Tabata intervals of:
Slam Balls (20/10)

Score is total reps

CrossFit Sudbury – 22082017 – Annie

Hey Folks!

Great work today – seems it went about the same as last time, where folks took quite the break between the metcon and the rowing haha.  It’s all good – I understand not being pumped to row 500m for time after all that work.

Today we have one of our benchmarks!  Annie is pretty fun.  Expect some sore abs for the next few days, but otherwise, get pumped to work on some double unders too!

Apologies to the morning crew for not having the competitive stuff posted in train heroic until later in the morning.

Coaches Notes:

We’re starting a bit of a back squat & Deadlift cycle.  If the starting percentages don’t feel totally do-able, then dial it back a bit, we’re going to be adding weight more or less each week.  So get some high-quality reps in and feel good about it.  Then do some warm up double unders and prepare to move fast.  Remember that you shoulders need to come to vertical with your hips at the top of the sit up, and your shoulder blades need to hit the ground.

Strength work:

Warm up to and then complete:
3 sets of 5 Back Squats @65%
then, do a couple warm up sets and complete:
3 sets of 3 Deadlifts @70%

Benchmark – “Annie”:

50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds; for time


CrossFit Sudbury – 21082017 – “Al’s Revenge”

Hey Folks!

We’re getting close to the end of the summer :'(  It’s ok though, as we’re going to have an awesome autumn.  We’ve got a day booked with Emily to go learn to and try out rowing in proper boats at Sudbury’s Rowing Club.  September 23rd (during open gym) you can skip the barbell for a day and come out to the rowing club to hop in a boat and work on that technique.  “Regularly learn and play new sports” is an important part of Glassman’s “fitness in 100 words”, so we’re doing it.  You can thank Kristin and Emily for coordinating on it and putting it all together.  We’re going to have it catered so that we can go, learn, row, and then eat for a reasonable price.  Still finalizing details on the food, so we’ll let you know the price ASAP, but I believe it’ll be somewhere in the 20-30$ range.

Coaches Notes:

Longer Clean/Front Squat complex.  70% is the suggestion, though fine tune as you see fit.  The complex is meant to be done unbroken, so avoid dropping the bar between reps.  Hook grip, and use those hips!  On the WOD, we’ve done it in the past (July 2, 2016) – so compare your time if you have one recorded.  It’s a pull up workout.  You’ll likely need to break the pull ups up (though don’t if you don’t need to).  so plan to hit the wall balls unbroken, steady pace on the box jumps, and get your rest/catch your breath on your pull ups.  Leave the rowers upstairs for the 500m rows – use the stairs as rest and then finish strong with as quick a pace as you can muster while tired out.


4 sets, not for time:
2 Power Cleans + 2 Cleans + 2 Front Squat @70% of your Power Clean 1RM

Conditioning – “Al’s Revenge”:

4 Rounds for time:
15 Wall Ball (20/14/10)
15 Pull Ups
15 Box Jumps (24/20/16)

Once you’re finished the WOD with time still running…
500m Row.

Take note of your rowing time and your total WOD time. Make sure to set the rower to count down.
*We did this last July 2nd 2016