CrossFit Sudbury – 29122017 – Fight Gone Bad

Hey Folks!

It’s Friday!  What better day than a Friday to get after fight gone bad?  We’ve got the New Years weekend coming up – The only thing different, hours-wise, is Monday we’re open from 9am-12noon and then resuming our normal hours on Tuesday.

Coaches Notes:

Some muscle up and/or pull up practice to help warm you guys up, and then Fight Gone Bad!  Get the reps in where you can, and pace yourself where you must.  As with all our benchmarks, this is the time to really push yourself and work to improve your score from the previous time you did it.

Skill work:

5 Rounds:
30 seconds muscle ups
30 seconds rest

Score is your highest set.

Benchmark – “Fight Gone Bad”

Three rounds of:
• Wall-ball, (20/14) (Reps)
• Hang Power Clean, (75/53) (Reps)
• Box Jump, (20/16) (Reps)
• Push-press, (75/53) (Reps)
• Row (Calories)
• Rest

CrossFit Sudbury – 28122017 – There’s no “I” in “butt”

Hey Folks!

Good work today persevering through that last 1000+1000m row.  It wasn’t particularly nice, but it’s a good preview of the mental toughness you’ll need when the open rolls around.

Just a reminder that December isn’t over yet!  We can still get those 2017 goals, or work towards our December goals.  Between the indulgences of Xmas, and the upcoming potential indulgences of new years, don’t write off this week as a gimme.  Then you’ll have to work too hard in January just to get back to where you were.  Just sayin.

We’re in a hole right now, Harry.  We’re just going to have to dig ourselves out!

Coaches Notes:

Lower body strength/symmetry!  80% is that borderline “too heavy” weight.  Try to move it quickly, so long as you’re staying “solid”.  Experiment with the split squats.  Don’t be upset about “not doing enough weight” – it’ll be a fun little add on, and good posterior chain work.  Heavier than normal DB for the snatches.  It’ll work out well if the open has a dumbbell snatch in it again.  It isn’t too bad, and will force greater efficiency out of your DB snatches.  So jump and land with a locked out arm 🙂

Strength work:

5×3 Deadlifts @80%
Superset with 5×10 Split Squats (5/leg) @whatever is appropriate*

*Use dumbbells, kettlebells, barbell in the front or back rack, or at the sides for the DB/KB.

Conditioning – There’s no “I” in “butt”:

18-15-12-9-6-3 for time of:
Dumbbell snatch (alternating) (65/45)
Slam Balls (30/20)

CrossFit Sudbury – 27122017 – I Want a T-shirt Cannon

Hey Folks!

Back to normal hours again!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday – See you in the gym tomorrow!

Coaches Notes:

Good work to those who made it out to the gym over the last bunch of days!  Today we have a bit of a mental (and physical) test.  Can you make it through the final row?  or even better, through the 1000m of the second round?  Find your pace, but keep in mind, you get to rest after each piece (though I purposely didn’t put rest after the final row).

Training – “I want a T-shirt Cannon”

25 minute AMRAP:
1000m row
1 minute rest
15 Power Snatch (155/103/~75%)
1 minute rest
60/48 Cal Bike
1 minute rest
15 Clean & Jerk (175/113/~65-70%)*
1 minute rest
1000m row

*you may do power

Merry Christmas!

Hey Folks!

Kristin and I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas (or your holiday of choice).  We’re incredibly proud of the community that we get to be a part of, of all the hard work you’ve put in this year, and we’re very excited about where everything will continue to go this year.

Let’s use the next week to focus on what we’d like to finish off before 2018 arrives, and also plan a good approach to the new year, including all the goals we’d like to get this year.

CrossFit Sudbury – 22122017 – 31 Heroes

Hey Folks!

Boom – killer PRs on Amanda today! 🙂 Yesss.  Definitely a very different feeling to it versus, say, the filthy 50.  Mo’ fitness, mo’ better.

You guys asked for it and in this case, ye shall receive – Epic partner WOD on the Friday before the holidays!  (though we’re still open on Saturday).

Kristin and I won’t be back in before Christmas – so Merry Christmas to all you beautiful people – you guys lighten up our days and make every bit of effort we put into the business/gym/clinic worth it.  Thank you!

Coaches Notes:

This looks like a GNARLY grinder.  It’s a hero WOD (I suppose it’s technically 31 hero WODs), so that makes total sense.  Set a solid pace, and keep moving.  Keep in mind whatever you need to keep moving.  Sometimes it’s letting your mind go blank, sometimes it’s thinking about something/one that motivates you, and sometimes it’s simply your breath or the single next breath.  Just keep on moving 🙂

Mental Toughness – “31 Heroes”:

AMRAP 31 minutes:
• 8 Thrusters (155/105#)
• 6 Rope Climbs (15 ft. ascent) (Sub rope get ups, or 21 Pull ups/ring rows)
• 11 Box Jumps (30/24″)

This is a Partner WOD – Partner #1 will perform the work listed above. Partner #2 will run 400m with a sandbag (45/25) ((Sub 35/28 Cal bike)). Once Partner #2 returns from the run/bike, Partner #1 will grab the sandbag and begin their 400m, while Partner #2 continues work wherever #1 left off.

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CrossFitter of the Month – November 2017

Hey Folks!

It’s the most wonderful time of month!  We get to dole out some props to one of our favourite people again!  This month we’re recognizing someone who has been with us for some time and is often in and out due to work, but their work ethic never changes.  We’re stoked and proud to have this person with us, as they represent, for a lot of us, our fitness goal – consistency, and longevity.

This month we’re highlighting…


Here are Don’s answers to our questions!

Name: Don Ethier

Age: 55 young

Occupation: Retired from the military/ work for CP Rail.

What was your exercise experience prior to CrossFit?

I was a high school athlete in track, football, and cross-country skiing.  When I joined the military I got involved with everything from cross training to weightlifting and obstacle course race’s, as well as march and shoot competitions.

How long have you been doing CrossFit and why do you choose to CrossFit?

I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 2 years because it keeps me healthy and in good shape.

What is your favourite part of CrossFit?

I’d have to say the barbell work.  There’s nothing better than pressing or squatting some big weight.

What are your accomplishments you are proud of? ( Crossfit or non-CrossFit related)

In my military life, I would have to say being a member/operator with Joint Task Force 2 was by far the best time.  As for CrossFit, well I’m still working on them F#%k*@G double unders.

Favourite workout or lift?

My favourite workout would have to be anything with a 21-15-9, as for my favourite lift it would have to be the back squat followed close by the overhead squat.

Anything else you would like to share please feel free.

I’m very happy that I found CrossFit.  It is a great community to belong to.  I’ve had the opportunity to visit other box’s and every one is alway’s very welcoming.

CrossFit Sudbury – 21122017 – Amanda

Hey Folks!

Great work today on some steady work.  Many movements that aren’t strengths (minus maybe Deadlifts) showed up today – so I’m glad we were able to get those in 🙂

Today we have another Benchmark – “Amanda”.  We last did Amanda on the 22nd of June.

I ran out of clever things to say.  Let the coach know how things are going for you guys – I’m hoping with “just the crucial” stuff and a little less beat downs, you guys are starting to feel a bit more energetic, and a bit more excited about extra stuff/trying to sneak some PRs in here and there (or getting them by accident).

Coaches Notes:

Benchmark Day! Amanda is a good one – small reps, but they’re difficult. We last did this one on June 22nd. After that a little Strength/Endurance work with some back squats and Rowing. Superset them. They’re separately listed in the programming so that we get more data 🙂

Benchmark – “Amanda”

9/7/5 reps of:
• Muscle-Ups
• Snatch 135/95#


3 Rounds NOT for time:
500m Row
5 Back Squats @70%

CrossFit Sudbury – 20122017 – Mini-Mainsite – Sunday 171210

Hey Folks!

G.I.Jane in the books!  Good little mental test for us, especially in addition to the bike!  holy moly I didn’t think my legs were going to be “ok” after that bike.

We’ll likely have some time leftover after todays stuff – use it to practice something you’re bad at, mobilize, or go for a nice long row/bike/run.

Coaches Notes:

One, simple task today – crush extreme for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds a whole bunch of times. Use ~60% of your 1RM deadlift if bodyweight isn’t appropriate for you. This is one from mainsite.

Conditioning – “Mini-Mainsite – Sunday 171210”

Perform 5 rounds of the following, completing as many reps of each exercise as possible:
•30 seconds of toes-to-bars
Rest 30 seconds
•30 seconds of dips
Rest 30 seconds
•30 seconds of body-weight deadlifts
Rest 30 seconds
•30 seconds of handstand push-ups
Rest 30 seconds

CrossFit Sudbury – 19122017 – G.I.Jane

Hey Folks!

Good work today – People seemed pleasantly surprised that they could “pace” the row and cleans today.  Others were able to keep up a pretty FAST pace on it.  Either way, the goal was to maintain a pace (ideally a quick one, but it all depends on how you were feeling) and many of you got that down pretty quickly 🙂

Coaches Notes:

Speed work!  Hammer through 15 seconds on the bike and then rest hard for 45 seconds.  This’ll be tough for 10 rounds.  Then you get to grind through 100 Burpee pull ups.  It’s nice because the burpee breaks up the pull ups and the pull ups break up the burpees.  It’s not nice because it’s 100 of “one” movement, and it’s hard to count.  I suggest 10 chips so you can move 1 over every 10 reps.  I did this one 100 years ago and likely got a painfully slow time.  You’ll do better than that 😉 You can jump into your pull up (i.e. continue your pull up even though you’ve jumped higher than straight arms).


10 Rounds for total cals:
15 seconds Bike
45 seconds rest

Conditioning – “G.I.Jane”

For time:
• 100 Burpee Pull Ups

CrossFit Sudbury – 18122017 – Grip & Rip

Hey Folks!

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend – Between the snow, cold, and proximity to Christmas, things are getting pretty festive around here (at least inside my head/soul).

I’m working on adding in the competitors stream stuff (which doesn’t exist right now) into SugarWOD.  With the holidays coming along we’ve been a bit busy and it’s been low on the priority list.  Sorry about that.  But you guys have a good menu of items to choose from in the past, and I’ve seen a lot of quality aerobic work, core work, and posterior chain work as accessory stuff from you guys – ALL good choices.  Add in some grip work and you’re set! 😉   I’ll get back to it shortly!

Coaches Notes:

Heavy Clean & Jerk work!  We’re getting close to max out day for our clean & jerk.  We’ll hit it up early January.  After that – some row/clean pacing work.  You should be able to get through the row & cleans at a certain pace, that you’re able to maintain across all 10 rounds.  Pace the row and focus your energy on the cleans each time.  30 seconds of rest won’t be long, but it’ll be long enough to “reset”.  Your spread from fastest to slowest round is a good indicator of how well you know how to pace things (which may well be helpful for the Open).


Every 2 Minutes for 5 Rounds:
1 Power Clean (85%) + 2 Front Squats + 1 Jerk

Conditioning – “Grip & Rip”

In 1 Minute for 10 Rounds:
Row 10/8 Cals
3 Touch & Go Power Cleans (135/95/~60%)

30 seconds rest after each minute round.  If you can’t finish in the minute, scale back the row.

Score is the difference between your fastest and slowest round (lower is better)