CrossFit Sudbury – 19122017 – G.I.Jane

Hey Folks!

Good work today – People seemed pleasantly surprised that they could “pace” the row and cleans today.  Others were able to keep up a pretty FAST pace on it.  Either way, the goal was to maintain a pace (ideally a quick one, but it all depends on how you were feeling) and many of you got that down pretty quickly 🙂

Coaches Notes:

Speed work!  Hammer through 15 seconds on the bike and then rest hard for 45 seconds.  This’ll be tough for 10 rounds.  Then you get to grind through 100 Burpee pull ups.  It’s nice because the burpee breaks up the pull ups and the pull ups break up the burpees.  It’s not nice because it’s 100 of “one” movement, and it’s hard to count.  I suggest 10 chips so you can move 1 over every 10 reps.  I did this one 100 years ago and likely got a painfully slow time.  You’ll do better than that 😉 You can jump into your pull up (i.e. continue your pull up even though you’ve jumped higher than straight arms).


10 Rounds for total cals:
15 seconds Bike
45 seconds rest

Conditioning – “G.I.Jane”

For time:
• 100 Burpee Pull Ups