CrossFit Sudbury – 18122017 – Grip & Rip

Hey Folks!

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend – Between the snow, cold, and proximity to Christmas, things are getting pretty festive around here (at least inside my head/soul).

I’m working on adding in the competitors stream stuff (which doesn’t exist right now) into SugarWOD.  With the holidays coming along we’ve been a bit busy and it’s been low on the priority list.  Sorry about that.  But you guys have a good menu of items to choose from in the past, and I’ve seen a lot of quality aerobic work, core work, and posterior chain work as accessory stuff from you guys – ALL good choices.  Add in some grip work and you’re set! 😉   I’ll get back to it shortly!

Coaches Notes:

Heavy Clean & Jerk work!  We’re getting close to max out day for our clean & jerk.  We’ll hit it up early January.  After that – some row/clean pacing work.  You should be able to get through the row & cleans at a certain pace, that you’re able to maintain across all 10 rounds.  Pace the row and focus your energy on the cleans each time.  30 seconds of rest won’t be long, but it’ll be long enough to “reset”.  Your spread from fastest to slowest round is a good indicator of how well you know how to pace things (which may well be helpful for the Open).


Every 2 Minutes for 5 Rounds:
1 Power Clean (85%) + 2 Front Squats + 1 Jerk

Conditioning – “Grip & Rip”

In 1 Minute for 10 Rounds:
Row 10/8 Cals
3 Touch & Go Power Cleans (135/95/~60%)

30 seconds rest after each minute round.  If you can’t finish in the minute, scale back the row.

Score is the difference between your fastest and slowest round (lower is better)