CrossFit Sudbury – 21122017 – Amanda

Hey Folks!

Great work today on some steady work.  Many movements that aren’t strengths (minus maybe Deadlifts) showed up today – so I’m glad we were able to get those in 🙂

Today we have another Benchmark – “Amanda”.  We last did Amanda on the 22nd of June.

I ran out of clever things to say.  Let the coach know how things are going for you guys – I’m hoping with “just the crucial” stuff and a little less beat downs, you guys are starting to feel a bit more energetic, and a bit more excited about extra stuff/trying to sneak some PRs in here and there (or getting them by accident).

Coaches Notes:

Benchmark Day! Amanda is a good one – small reps, but they’re difficult. We last did this one on June 22nd. After that a little Strength/Endurance work with some back squats and Rowing. Superset them. They’re separately listed in the programming so that we get more data 🙂

Benchmark – “Amanda”

9/7/5 reps of:
• Muscle-Ups
• Snatch 135/95#


3 Rounds NOT for time:
500m Row
5 Back Squats @70%

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