CrossFit Sudbury – 29122017 – Fight Gone Bad

Hey Folks!

It’s Friday!  What better day than a Friday to get after fight gone bad?  We’ve got the New Years weekend coming up – The only thing different, hours-wise, is Monday we’re open from 9am-12noon and then resuming our normal hours on Tuesday.

Coaches Notes:

Some muscle up and/or pull up practice to help warm you guys up, and then Fight Gone Bad!  Get the reps in where you can, and pace yourself where you must.  As with all our benchmarks, this is the time to really push yourself and work to improve your score from the previous time you did it.

Skill work:

5 Rounds:
30 seconds muscle ups
30 seconds rest

Score is your highest set.

Benchmark – “Fight Gone Bad”

Three rounds of:
• Wall-ball, (20/14) (Reps)
• Hang Power Clean, (75/53) (Reps)
• Box Jump, (20/16) (Reps)
• Push-press, (75/53) (Reps)
• Row (Calories)
• Rest

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