CrossFit Sudbury – 18042016

Hey Friends!

Weekend fun!  Ridiculously gorgeous weather, some running in the WOD, all sorts of fun!  I even bbq’d up some steaks for dinner (sorry for not inviting you).  Hope you guys all enjoyed the weekend and the warmer weather.  The doors are opening up at the gym and it is glorious!

I didn’t make it in on Friday for the squats, but I made it yesterday and did them.  James can vouch for me.  He was cleaning the hell out of the floors (as opposed to his usual; cleaning the hell out of the barbells), so you can burpee now, worry-free!  You could eat off those floors 😉

I’m going to insert a feedback form on here as I haven’t reached out to everyone in a while, and it’s always good to know what you guys are thinking. So, if you’d like, fill in the form below and let me know how things are going, what we’re doing great at, where we can improve, etc. etc.  Thanks!

*Make note – the WOD showing is Sundays until 8pm tonight, then it’ll be tomorrows (Mondays)