CrossFit Sudbury – 22042016

Hey Friends!

Good work on the WOD today.  Muscle up practice is for everyone you know.  And it can be as simple as working towards a strict pull up and ring dip, or working on stringing a couple muscle ups together, trying the transition out sitting on the ground with a leg assist, using a band, or all sorts of other fun stuff.  Let your coach know where you think you’re at, and we’ll have a look and get you set up with something appropriate 🙂

Heavy squats!  sets of 4, should be challenging, but it’s less than last time and we know you can do it.  Remember, your 80% now is more like 78% (because you’re stronger from squatting over the last couple weeks).  Double touches (pull up plus toes to bar), is something they do in grid league, though we’re going to require you do a pull up, then a toes to bar, versus the crazy movement they do in grid (google/youtube it, it’s kinda cool) to help build up a rhythm on the bar, as well as to develop sneaky rope climb muscles.