CrossFit Sudbury – 19042016

Hey Friends!

Wow that was a spicy workout.  I need to start doing burpees faster.  That and sleeping more than 3 hours at a time might help.  Dear members with children… I’m starting to understand now… BUT, it is amazing how much better I feel after having worked out – clearer mind, satisfied with my accomplishments, more patient, etc. etc. It’s worth the 60-90 minutes spent away from my favourites.

If you’ve been following the CrossFit games athletes/open/games/etc, make sure you check out the “behind the scenes” videos.  It’s always nice to see a slightly more honest/raw view of the athletes.

Thanks for all the feedback through that form I posted!  Seems the overwhelming desire is for more weekend hours.  We’ll be talking it over with our coaches over the coming weeks and getting something put together.  I’ll also be thinking about setting aside time for those who want to train CrossFit even more competitively and some specialized programming for it.  Stay tuned, and also let your coach know if this is something that interests you!  We’d need a certain amount of interest for it to warrant the time and resources it’d need.  I’ll also leave you with a quote from Tommy Hackenbruck,

You don’t need harder workouts, you need to go harder in your workouts.