CrossFit Sudbury – 25042016

Hey Friends!

Good times training this weekend – Some snappy snatches, clapping push ups, wall balls on wall balls, etc. etc.  Super exciting having the back doors open, shooting hoops, running, and generally just spilling outside.

Thanks again for the feedback on that form – we’re going to be sorting things out and hopefully improving the gym even more over the coming months.

You likely saw an “announcement” on the whiteboard about the climbing ropes being “retired”.  They’ve just been making such a mess when they’re used it’s difficult to keep up with, and at this point, they’re so frayed they don’t look all that safe.  So, sorry about the inconvenience!  BUT, we’ve ordered new, nylon ropes, which shouldn’t fray (especially since we won’t be storing them overtop of the rig, we’ll have designated hooks to pull them off to the side of the room).  They will be a little more “slippery” though, as the manila is pretty good at holding chalk and not getting slick with sweaty hands.  SO make sure you’re perfecting your technique before you go crazy on them.  We also picked up some new sandbag filler bags (so that hopefully you’ll stop getting sand in your face when you use the sandbags!)  They won’t be as noticeable, but will be hugely helpful for implementing them in our training.