Online Scheduling… Outdoor WODS and OnRamp

Hey Folks!

So I’ve just hooked up with an online scheduling company and they weren’t lying when they said it’d take a couple weeks to figure out how to use their software.  I’m antsy as heck to get the gym started and I really just want to start training folks – but I wont’ have the gym until Nov. 1st it’s looking like (depends when the current tenant moves all their stuff out of the building).

In the meantime… myself and a few regulars have been doing WODs at either my house, or Queens Athletic Field.  I’m playing with the idea of running some classes early morning, lunch hour and/or early evening.  Class sizes would be limited, as while I have some equipment, I’m still waiting on more.  I’d love to get some classes started and I know folks can learn a lot of the foundational movements before we load them up with barbells and bumpers.  Strength acquisition will just have to wait a month!

In saying that, Please either use the contact form, comment here or email me and I’ll get in touch with you to set up a time and place to run the WODs.  There will be limited space, so please let me know soon.  I’ll also be contacting all the folks who’ve provided me with their email shortly, and will be giving them priority (gotta encourage the brave!)

So… An Inaugural OnRamp class for CrossFit Sudbury will begin!  Starts next Wednesday the 19th (so long as the demand is there) and will run M-W-F (roughly… details will be ironed out still…).  This class is for everyone, and will deliver a stellar workout regardless of what level of fitness you’re at.  That being said, I will be trying to group people by experience with the CrossFit movements.  So when you contact me, please let me know your relative experience so that I can place you in the most appropriately programmed track!

Next Wednesday and Friday will be free samples – after that the rest of October will be affordable, but not free.

All the best folks!