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CrossFit – What it is and some definitions

SO… You’ve never heard of CrossFit before and you’re interested to know what it is all about?  Here are some answers to common questions and explanations of things that might not make much sense to folks who are just getting started into their new favourite hobby!

CrossFit is… Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.  Yes, I understand that while it’s a definition, this doesn’t explain much.

Constantly varied means that you don’t do the same thing every day (a la “Curves”) and that you don’t even do the same thing every week (Workouts A, B and C).  You’ll do something different just about every day, with occasional tests and check-ins to track progress.  Varied doesn’t mean random – your program is planned and follows an intelligent, and far more fun trajectory than your typical workout regimen.

Functional Movements are those movements that you would actually do in real life.  Isolating a muscle to the Nth degree to maximize contractile force may sound pretty and exciting, but you’ll never do that in a real life situation.  That doesn’t mean it’s a useless exercise, it just means that it’s an exercise that most of us don’t need to be doing.  The exercises we employ are effective in eliciting a hormonal response from the body and can be thought of as the best return on investment of your time in the gym.

High Intensity.  The easiest part of the definition to explain.  This is how hard you try.  The most progress will be made for you when you’re outside of your comfort zone.  Not so far that you don’t like it and want to quit (some people might), but far enough that you’re uncomfortable before and during, but then feel amazing and proud afterwards for your efforts and courage.  We can’t expand our comfort zone if we never push the boundaries.

That is the official description of CrossFit.  The way I like to explain it, is that it employs everything that works, and none of what doesn’t.  Tricep extensions from the cable pull down aren’t part of the program; dips are.  Calf raises won’t be making an appearance, box jumps and skipping will.  It is the best use of gym time and the most effective way to train.


Now then… onto some definitions.

WOD – Workout Of the Day (for whatever reason the T isn’t capitalized)

AMRAP – As many rounds/reps as possible

MetCon – Metabolic Conditioning.  This is what most people would consider the “workout”.

Rx’d – as prescribed.  The weights and rep scheme may be altered to meet peoples’ abilities.  If it isn’t altered at all, then you completed the workout “As Rx’d”.

PR – Personal Record.  The most/fastest you’ve ever lifted/completed a lift or workout

That’s enough for now.  I’m sure more will show up from time to time.  As for progress with the gym – Equipment is coming in, more is being ordered and we get the building soon!  Cleaning, repairing, painting, flooring, etc. all needs to be completed before we will the place with awesome equipment and hard-working people!  Can’t wait for it though!  If you’ve submitted your email, thank you!  We will be sending out emails when we have some solid dates for opening day and other information.  Thanks for the patience!



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  1. Krysta says:

    I’m from Burlington, was born in Sudbury and still have family there (all very athletic). I can’t wait to visit them and check out the box…perhaps they’ll come along and be hooked like me 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    I hope you are planning to hold some intro classes? I have been doing Crossfit on my own for about 3 months, using workouts from a gym that my sister goes to in Southern Ontario. I am really looking foward to a proper gym in Sudbury. Good luck with your start-up.

    • admin says:

      Hi Michelle!

      We are absolutely going to be offering intro classes! A schedule is going to be going up in about a weeks time, and classes will start in early November. Looking forward to meeting you!


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