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Friday, February 10th, 2012

Hey Folks!


I’ll see the Morning and Lunchtime WODders but after that the gym belongs to Drew until Monday morning. Ask Drew about the CrossFit Games and whether or not you should sign up/how you can watch and all sorts of other questions… He’s got all the answers you need.

New Folks that haven’t met Drew yet – He’s a little shorter, has more hair and is nicer than me. He’s also currently a little more fit than I. He’ll sort you out well!

Warm Up

Pendlay Row 3-3-3-1-1-1

3 Rounds for time (This WOD courtesy of the great Folks at Vaughan S&C):
* 20 Burpee box jumps
* 12 Toes to Bar (sub knees to elbows or abmat situps if need be)

Stretch – Quads & Calves
If you have time left over, spend some time in a plank.

I’ll miss you Guys over the weekend!

p.s. I’ll continue the rumour Kristin and I have started – there may be a “Paleo Potluck” on the horizon for March. Let us know if you’re interested!