CrossFit Sudbury – 14072017 – “…of Troy”

Hey Friends!

Boom!  Friday all up in your grill!

Hope you guys had fun with the 500m row – Some pretty epic times put up!  You can check here to see the world records –

Next week we have DT on Thursday – but that’s it for benchmarks 🙂

Coaches Notes:

Some clean & Jerk work – we have DT next week, so make sure you’re getting it in.  The clean is a full clean.  ON the WOD, keep up the pace and keep crushing.  Make sure you’re pacing the muscle ups as needed.  and make an effort not to tear your hands up on them.  Sub in some Chest to bars but no dips.  Beauty.


5 Sets:
1 Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Jerk @75% of your C&J 1RM.

Conditioning – “…Of Troy”

5 Rounds for time:
300m Run
16 Kettlebell Snatches (sub single arm kettlebell swings [switching arms as you desire]) (50/35)
3 Ring Muscle ups (sub 6 chest to bar pull ups)