CrossFit Sudbury – 17072017 – “Jenga”

Hey Folks!

Beautiful day for all the dragon boaters – looked like an awesome atmosphere down by the lake (I arrived after what looked like the end – folks were packing up and leaving) with lots of friendly faces, good music and what looked like a well run event.  I hope you all enjoyed the training on the weekend – the Lumberjack 20 is always a fun challenge, and then some Squats and bench and some skillful conditioning as well.

We’ve got some beauty WODs lined up for the week – including DT on Thursday.  Get your rest, take your fish oil, make sure you’re taking care of your body – you only get one of them!

Coaches Notes:

Rowing Practice.  Because why not?  I wouldn’t go “all out” each minute, like you did for your 500m, as you won’t be able to maintain a 100% effort pace.  Give it 85-95% each time.  Pacing it out will help in the long run.  You shouldn’t notice a huge difference from round 1 to round 4 (other than being way more tired).  if you decline a lot, you went out too hot.  The WOD should be more or less constant movement.  26/22 cals on the bike each time will be the difficult part, Pace out the deadlifts and push ups accordingly.

Rowing work:

4 rounds:
1 Minute for max distance

Pair up with someone. They row while you cheer and vice versa 🙂  Won’t be exactly 1 minute rest, but close (i.e. you don’t have to RUSH back onto the rower – let the metres roll down and then write down how many you got each round, then reset the rower and cheer your friend on!)

Conditioning – “Jenga”:

5 Rounds for time:
6 Deadlifts (205/143)
11 Push Ups
26/22 Calorie Bike