CrossFit Sudbury – 13072017 – Row test & little Bitty

Hey Folks!

Good work on the clusters – very cool to see people trying weights that were pretty close to their clean & Jerk PRs.  Also – there were some sexy cleans when people had the plan of thrustering the barbell out of the hole.  Something to keep in mind when you’re going for some heavy cleans in the future 🙂

We’re testing our 500m Row today!  This typically goes one of two ways (though there are always exceptions).  You go ALL OUT and you may not want to participate in the WOD afterwards, which is OK (or maybe just a abbreviated version).  You dog it and feel like your fitness was “cheaped out” for the day.  So yeah… don’t dog it 😛 You’re only cheating yourself out of fitness that way 😉

Hang on tight and pull like your life depends on it.  It only lasts a couple minutes!

I know the video is a football speech (from a movie), but it always gets me fired up 🙂

Coaches Notes:

No notes – Pull the crap out of the handle on the rower.  Long, hard pulls.  On the WOD – don’t trip on the box!  Overcompensate on the first box jump of each set to set the tone right.  ESPECIALLY if you are doing the WOD after the row.

Benchmark – Row 500m:

Row 500m for time.  Make sure you set the rower to count down from 500m so that you get a very precise time.

Conditioning – “Little Bitty”:

10-1 for time of:
Box jumps overs
Sit ups