CrossFit Sudbury – 30052016

Hey Friends!

This weekend was ballin’ out of control (that’s a good thing)!  Following up a Friday Murph wasn’t easy, but we had a nice “sprint” WOD on Saturday along with some overhead squat/Snatch Grip push press action, and Sunday brought either an awesome sled push/OHWL/TTB/HSPU, OR if you were lucky enough to be “talked into” doing Murph with Mel A, then you got to enjoy that little guy on a beauty of a day.  Boom!  Run on sentence and a HALF!

Last week before “the battle”, so practice those skills, eat well, get your sleep and mobility work in, and if you’re volunteering/helping out, thank you SO much!  It’s looking like it’s going to be a beauty of a day and we’re all super excited.

Warning for swears in the video – It’s a hilarious key and peele sketch 🙂