Monday, March 4th, 2013

Hey Folks!

Thank you so much for all the help this weekend! For those that didn’t make it out to help, I know you would have if you could have – it’s much appreciated regardless! This gym and its’ members are one of my proudest achievements, and obviously, I’m (Adam) only one small part at this point… which makes it even better. As our team of coaches expands and our community of athletes grows CrossFit Sudbury just seems to become more and more awesome. Thank you all!

Now then… We start a new training cycle this week. The open also starts this week. You may notice an ebb and flow to the workouts throughout the week. This is designed to fit in the Open wod (which is difficult, since I don’t know what it is ahead of time). We will officially be doing the open WODs on Saturdays, but they’ll be available for doing from Thursday until Sunday. Crowds are welcome at the gym on the weekend for encouraging friends and fellow athletes to crush the open wods as hard as possible.

REMEMBER – WE AREN’T ON REGENT ANYMORE – WE’RE AT THE NEW LOCATION located at 1351 Kelly Lake Rd. Building E, Unit 7. Our banner is hung in the window (we’re working on the sign on the building).

Warm up

2 Rounds – 5 flights up and down the stairs, 10 push up plus, 30 Second squat hold, 30 second plank

Push Press 3×5 @ 80% of your Press 1RM

21-15-9 for time of:
Pull ups
Push ups
Sit ups

Stretch – Quads/Psoas, Pecs & Shoulder internal rotation