Finding The New Location

Hey Folks!

So after today (and sort of tomorrow and Sunday) we’ll be set up in the new location!  Very exciting.

Some of you have been asking where it is and sometimes it’s difficult to explain.  So… here is a map:

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Once you enter the Plaza (there’s a large Verdiccios sign out at Kelly Lake Road), you’ll drive in toward Verdiccios (which is in the left back corner), and then turn right and head toward Benoits Martial Arts.  We’re in the same strip as Benoits, ust a few units over.  RIght now we’re the blank sign next to the Elementary Teachers (I’ll place our banner in the window).

For those who want to help moving, I’ll meet you at the old gym tomorrow (Saturday) at 10AM.  Then we’ll pack our vehicles and move stuff over to the new place!

Don’t be alarmed if it looks amazing… that’s our place 🙂

As always, call or email me if you have any trouble finding the place!  (705) 521-4790,  Adam.Ball.DC(at)gmail.com

See you in the (new) gym!
Adam, Eric & Katie