CrossFit Sudbury – 11092017 – Tastefully Offensive

Fitness Nutrition Program

Hey Folks!

Great weekend – the weather was beautiful (a bit chilly in the AM’s though – right?), the drinks were cold, and the training was hot.  We’re into the last day to pre-Order the Baseball T’s – So take a look, imagine yourself PRing your favourite movement while wearing one, and Let us know if we can order one for you.  The Tshirt dude was looking at getting us a single sample so we could gauge sizing, but if it isn’t going to happen soon, I won’t make folks wait for their shirts.

We’ve also got the Whole Life Challenge coming up soon – Starts on Saturday the 16th – so if you need to, get those random cheat foods in this week, then pack them up and send them away with your friends/family that don’t live with you – if it’s in the house, you will probably eat it.  I just finished watching a great video about how calorie counting is bullshit, which I’ve always known, but those macronutrient war folks (i.e. high carb!  Low carb!  no carb!  just eat air! etc), always dupe us all into thinking all you need to do is “this one thing” and we’ll be jacked and tan in 5 days.  Starting with improving the quality of choices you’re making (whether it’s timing, quality of food, or choosing to eat when you’re satisfied [versus when you hate yourself]) is a healthier and more sustainable way to approach your eating, and always a great place to start.  Tinkering with macros can be done after that.

For Folks who want help with tinkering… the Sudbury School of Fitness “FUEL” Program is coming soon 🙂

Coaches Notes:

BIG finish on those power snatches, and the same big finish on the last full snatch, but I want you guys using that same aggressive pull to direct your body UNDER the bar.  You can drop the bar between reps if you need, but don’t waste time between reps, the goal is the first two power will take away some of your ability to elevate the bar so that on the third, full snatch, you are able to fully extend, fairly hard, and pull under aggressively too.  don’t rush into the plank, you’ll have time.  Do a quality plank – if you end up with a saggy trunk during the plank, do a shorter amount of time and keep a high-quality position.  On the WOD – get after it.  OHS should be a somewhat challenging, unbroken set.


Every 75 seconds for 7 rounds:
2 Power Snatch + 1 Snatch @70-75%
30 second plank

Conditioning – “Tastefully Offensive”:

10 Minute AMRAP:
Run 300m
9 Overhead Squat (115/73/Front Squat)
9 Pull ups