CrossFit Sudbury – 08092017 – Angie

Hey Folks!

Bonita kicked some serious butt.  Hope you all loved it.  We did it back in December of last year – if you wanted to check your previous score.

Next up we’ve got a doozy – Angie.  If you haven’t been hitting many of the pull-up days, make sure you pace your pull-ups.  There will be many people with T-Rex arms on the weekend if that warning is not heeded.  Just sayin’.

Coaches Notes:

It will pay to pace/plan out your pull ups and push ups.  After that, press the pedal all the way down for the sit ups and squats – they’ll get challenging, but not to the same degree as the pull ups.  If you need/want to – scale the workout to best suit your needs.  To do it “RX’d” you need to do the full number of reps, and you need to do them in order.  BUT, if remember, depending on your goals, you might be better served doing two rounds of 50 each, or scaling the total number of some of the movements down, etc.  Keep an open mind about what will best give you the workout you need 🙂

Benchmark – “Angie”:

For time:
100 Pull-Ups
100 Push-Ups
100 Sit-Ups
100 Air Squats
Complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next.

*Compare to April 17th, 2017.