CrossFit Sudbury – 21022017 – Double Dutch

Hey Friends!

Family day!  We had an action packed weekend of hiking, watching hockey, epic burgers (Townehouse) and crokinole.  I hope you all enjoyed a long weekend, hung out with those you love, and maybe even got a tan (seriously… it feels like april).

This week the Open begins.  We’ll find out what the WOD is on Thursday night, and as a heads up, here are our plans for the WOD:

  • scheduled times as usual on Saturday (when we’re hoping to get the most folks out – just makes it more fun!)
  • Times to do the WOD where we’ll have another coach/judge available for sure – 6am, 12noon, 4pm and 5pm on Friday, and we’re ironing out a final time or two for Sundays, though Fridays are the more challenging days (as the person coaching class can’t just NOT coach the class to judge someone).
  • If there are some extrenuous circumstances let us know, you know we’re always good to accommodate folks… but please give us a heads up.

Teams for our intramurals are looking pretty awesome!  I’m excited.  It’s going to be a blast throwing down with everyone and really pushing our own limits.

p.s. come out to the gym to watch the WOD reveal!  Sounds like we’ll have a projector so we can set it up IN the gym 😉

Coaches Notes:

Some stability work (and kipping practice) to start things off and really get you guys warm (not to mention prepping those shoulders for the OH Squats).  Aim for perfection in your positioning.  If it means changing the level of challenge for the movement to maintain a solid position, that’s a better plan than going full L-sit, but straining your hip flexors or shoulders.  WOD – KB swings are russian.  Push the pace on them for sure.  If you can avoid breaking up the overhead squats, that’s a good plan.  So if you need to wait a few extra seconds before picking the bar up, do it.  You can also snatch your first rep to save time (as it’ll count as your first overhead squat rep).  Have some chips handy as it’ll be easy to lose count on this WOD and repeat a round, or skip a round all together.

Skill work:

5 Rounds For Quality:

8 Kipping Pull Ups / 2 Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar)
Handstand Hold Practice (up to 1 minute)
L-Sit Hold Practice (up to 1 minute)

20 min. Time Cap

Metcon – “Double Dutch”

For Time:

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Reps:
Overhead Squats (75/55)

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps:
KB Swings (50/35)

Scale up: (115/75), (70/50)