CrossFit Sudbury – 22022017 – Come on Eileen

Hey Friends!

Good mental test/quick WOD for our “first” session of the week.  I thought it was Monday ALL day.  It was a good monday though!  Rain happened.  Rain.  Got Gav and Lucky out for a walk in the rain (AND didn’t fall on my face), which was nice.  I always find rain very calming.

Calm is a good thing since we have the OPEN coming.  dum dum dum!  It’s going to be something fun, for sure.  Fun for Castro at least.  But, it’ll be what we make it and we’re going to make it a good time, because that’s who we are 🙂   Lisa is posting up some sign up sheets and some more details about the Open Intramurals.  Have a look see when they’re up!

Coaches Notes:

Another beauty long metcon for you guys.  First 10 – toes to bar are going to be the rate limiting step (or the will to do 5 burpees really quickly).  Break them up early if you need to, and definitely drop off the bar before you tear.  We don’t want any torn up hands this week.  Second 10 – DB hang squat cleans are going to light those legs up.  Get through them at a pace you can feel comfortable jumping back up onto the bar with.  Once again, don’t tear on the pull ups.  Third 10 – same as always, mental toughness in general, though the sit ups I imagine will be difficult after everything else.  Hit them with the best intensity you can.  Have fuN! 🙂

Metcon – Come on Eileen


0:00 to 10:00 min:

5 Box Jumps (24/20)
5 Burpees

10:00 to 20:00 min:

5 Pull Ups
7 Push ups
5 DB Hang Squat Cleans (1/3 bw)

20:00 to 30:00 min:

5 DB Hang Power Snatch (1/3 bw) (one dumbbell)
7 DB Sit Ups (1 dumbbell)
5 Wall Ball (20/14)