CrossFit Sudbury – 26102016 – “save your breath for cooling your porridge”

Hey Friends!

Jackie!  Those thrusters weren’t messing around eh?  Thank you for not dropping the barbells.  You can thank past you the next time you PR your clean or snatch without breaking your wrists (because the collars still spin) 😉

Thanks to everyone for being generally awesome – Kristin and I haven’t been in working out and hanging out as much as we’d like with the whole house move, but we’re moving this weekend and should settle over the next week into more normal appearances and workouts in the gym!  Yesssss.  Once we’re set up we’ll have everyone out to the new place for some nog or non-nog inspired beverages.


Every Minute for 10 MInutes:
ODD – 5 Back Squats at a tempo of 3 seconds down, explode up
EVEN – 15 second L-sit/hang

Metcon – “save your breath for cooling your porridge”:

3 Rounds of 1 minute per station, for total reps:
Wall Ball (20/14/10)
Kettlebell Swings (50/35/25) *Overhead, so long as you’re comfortable with it
Double Unders (singles, if doubles aren’t going to happen)