CrossFitter of the Month – July 2016

Hey Friends!

Boom!  Another awesome CrossFitter of the month coming your way – And July’s CFer of the month is a beauty!  This person has Joined with us “twice” – and we’re stoked to have them return “home” and get more and more fit with us every day (almost every day) 🙂

Always friendly, down to WOD and smiling while she sweats, this month we’re happy to present July’s CrossFitter of the month as…

Carly 1

Carly!  here are her answers to our questions 🙂

Name: Carly Gagnon

Age: 31

Occupation: Human Resources

What was your exercise experience prior to crossfit?

I’ve always been active – I’ve done everything from dance/gymnastics to soccer, volleyball, football..etc.. When I was in school in Ottawa, I had less time to play sports so I started going to the gym which isn’t the greatest for me since I don’t find it motivating and really only stick to a few machines or the classes.

How long have you been doing crossfit and why do you choose to crossfit?

I started Crossfit 2.5 years ago in 2014 – Thanks to Kristin and Adam for encouraging me to start! Crossfit is a part of my daily routine and has become an automatic after work customary. The workouts are set for us so all that’s required is to show up and work hard.

Carly 2

What is your favorite part about crossfit?

My favourite part about Crossfit is the opportunity that it presents to exercise my competitive side. (Anyone who knows me, knows I’m pretty competitive – runs in the family!) I used to be seriously competitive with everyone and now I find I’m more competitive with myself and less focused on anyone else.

I’ve discovered new personal limits/goals which I doubt I would have if it were not for Crossfit. It’s a place where you give it your all in a workout and while sometimes it’s rough during,I am always so happy that I pushed through it. The sense of accomplishment is real! And we all experience that pain/sense of accomplishment together 🙂

What are the accomplishments you are proud of? (Crossfit or non crossfit related)

Crossfit related – nothing monumental but I’ve started actually recording my maxes lol so now I’m not constantly guessing where to start.

Non Crossfit related – I’d have to say living and experiencing different places to live. Ie: Northern Quebec in an isolated community of 400. I was only there for 10 months but that was enough! Coming home for a few years and moving to Thunder Bay (I heart Tbay) but I always come back home lol

Favorite workout or lift?

I know some will strongly disagree with me but I love wall balls and slam balls. They are full body movements so I feel like I’m getting the biggest bang for my buck. Kind of like burpees…that’s more of a love/hate.


Thanks for being awesome Carly!  We’re grateful to have you as a friend and member 🙂