CrossFit Sudbury – 22072016

Hey Friends!

You guys went too fast on that WOD.  Or maybe I took my time a bit too much.  Dang.  I think tomorrow we should finally be able to watch some legit CrossFit Games coverage via Youtube! 🙂  Sounds liek they’re starting with Murph and then moving on to all sorts of other destruction, I’m sure.

Super excited to watch either Josh Bridges or Alex Vigneault win the games on Sunday, as well as Carleen Mathews.  Just sayin’ 😉

Todays WOD is a repeat from May 3rd, and she’s a REAL beauty.  Get it in ya.


Spend 10 Minutes working up to the days 1RM Power Clean.  Or just a very heavy power clean.  Try to hit it 2 more times. (with rest between sets).

Metcon – “Pump Action”

12 Minute AMRAP:
2 Deadlifts @70%
4 Handstand push ups
8 Pistols

compare to May 22, 2013 and/or May 3rd, 2016