CrossFit Sudbury – 16062016

Hey Friends!

Good times with the “competition” 🙂 I suppose ideally we would have scored it twice, with the other score being total time pushing the sled as well.  Beau made a good point that the sled “didn’t matter” as far as scoring for the WOD went, so it didn’t incentivize pushing a heavier sled (and wasting valuable energy that could be saved for Cindy), though if we did the second score, it would have incentivized one of the partners trying to make the sled heavier.  Figuring out that scoring would have been near impossible though haha.

Snatch complex today!  You have:

  1. Hang Power Snatch – this is going to require a big finish and quick punch through.  Keep your weight back then jump and punch, keep the bar close and think quick, distinct movements/positions.
  2. Hang Snatch – all the same stuff but with more of an emphasis on the quickness under the bar.  Lifting your feet while you pull the bar into position over your head will help with speeding up your ascent 🙂
  3. Overhead Squat – Just to help continue to develop your overhead stability in the squat and build confidence in the bottom.


  • This is going to mean on the hip flexors.  consider stepping your burpees back in instead of jumping them in (essentially doing a prone knees to elbows).  Use the hook grip on the power cleans and get them over with fast.  Your grip will recover while you burpee.  If you’re challenging yourself with the knees to elbows, this will probably be the most difficult part of the WOD.