CrossFit Sudbury – 17062016

Hey Friends!

Today (Friday) we’re maxing out our jerk and hopefully hitting a pretty solid weight.  The jerk is probably even a little more technical than the clean (though not as much as the snatch), so if you’ve been having a rough go with jerking much more than you can press or push press, it’s likely a technical (or flexibility) issue.  Speak with your coach or myself (Adam) or Kristin about it and we’ll let you know the best way to approach the “problem” and what the best course of action is.

THEN, we have a sexy re-test!  Remember the jerk, DB snatch, Wall ball WOD?  It’s a beauty.  Don’t be afraid to scale up (not sure who else did but Switz and I did 185 instead of 165 I think) on the jerks 🙂  Getting more than 150 wall balls isn’t ideal, and you likely know why haha

It’s supposed to be the nicest weekend ever!  Get outside!  sweat, soak up some sun (without suntan lotion for ~15 minutes, then lather up/cover up/chill in the shade)  Vitamin D will help you recover faster, perform better, feel better, and a whole lot of other awesome stuff too.  Seriously, just do it.