CrossFit Sudbury – 17052016

Hey Friends!

Great work today!  How were the squats?  Life changing?  Did they make you feel like a better person (PR or not!)?  No matter what, everyone I saw lifting was making their squats look good, and we’re proud of how well you’re doing.  keep it up and your fitness, your strength, and everything else you could imagine will improve.

Running Clinic with James on the 26th from 7-9pm!  Dial in your running know-how/technique, as the warm weather is only going to bring in more running 🙂 

Tuesday Yogi’s!  We start this week (Today/Tomorrow?) with our first Yin Session!  See you on the mat! (is that something yoga folks say?)

Tuesday (I never know whether to write today or tomorrow, since I write this the day before for the day of) brings a small snatch complex.  Practicing doing a power snatch before your full snatch will help with developing complete extension (maximum effort!) so that you aren’t, A: bumping/pulling the bar forwards and having to move forwards to accommodate it, B: leaving valuable power behind, C: not achieving your true greatness, D: Not developing your peak power as you’re never using it, you’re simply using speed under the bar (which is also very important) to compensate… and to be truly amazing, you need both.