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CrossFitter of the Month – March 2016

Hey Friends!

That month flew by, right?  BUT, as sad as it is that time seems to accelerate as we age, we DO get to celebrate another awesome member!  This month we recognize someone who I’d say “flies under the radar” a little.  This person has the exactly correct attitude towards the goal of fitness for life, and not pushing into any poor positions just to lift a couple extra pounds.  This month we recognize…

Anya and I-1

Thanks Brad, for bringing awesome energy and a great attitude to the gym.  You’re a pleasure to coach, and we’re stoked to see where your fitness gets to over the years!  Here are Brad’s answers to our questions! 🙂

Name: Brad Wright

Age: 29

Occupation: Senior Technician (SRK Consulting)

What was your exercise experience prior to crossfit?

I was active in many sports when I was younger, mostly hockey, soccer, basketball, and golf. During my college years I was your typical gym rat that tried to lift heavy things with zero thoughts about joint stability or overall flexibility. After college physical fitness was off and on endeavour with work / family taking priority.

How long have you been doing crossfit and why do you choose to crossfit?

I have been doing crossfit for 9 months and it has been great! After working away from home for several years (Manitoba, Saskatchewan) I was fortunate to find employment closer to home (I live on Manitoulin Island). I looked at all kinds things to keep me occupied during the week and thought it would be fun to try crossfit. I was used to the regular gym atmosphere and wanted something that I would commit to and was challenging!

Aria and I-1

What is your favourite part about CrossFit?

Varied and challenging exercises, awesome coaches answering my silly questions, great atmosphere and supportive group to work out with. I feel stronger, more flexible, and my overall health has improved! CrossFit is like nothing else I have experienced!

What are the accomplishments you are proud of? (CrossFit or non CrossFit related)

CrossFit – With my challenged shoulders an overhead squat with plastic pipe (the first day I did that it might as well have been 300 lbs). Also nice to notice my cardio improving and being able to keep up somewhat with the WOD’s. I still remember the first exercise I had with Adam..it involved a medicine ball and running. Did not end well…So great to see improvements in all areas of my fitness!

Non Crossfit – Proud husband to my very supportive and beautiful wife. Proud father to my beautiful little girl! Proud to reside on Manitoulin Island!

Family Photo


Favorite workout or lift?

Anything that is challenging but snatches are very difficult for me. I look forward to the days with the movements I struggle with and I look forward to the day when I somewhat master them. I prefer the longer workouts so I can settle into them. Burpees are evil (Had to add that)


Anything else you would like to share please feel free

Thank you to Adam and Kristin for operating such an awesome place! Thanks to all my fellow crossfitters for the words of encouragement / high fives. But most of all thanks to the great coaches for their knowledge and again words of encouragement / high fives! See you around the gym!