CrossFit Sudbury – 12042016

Hey Friends!

I hope DT was awesome and you guys crushed it – It’s always a fan favourite, and it definitely helps to “game” it a bit and break up the reps in a pre-planned fashion.

Eric is organizing a team for the May Whole Life Challenge.  Accountability is always more fun with a friend, so if you’re interested, get signed up and have some fun while you get healthy.  It isn’t all about food either, the nutrition aspect is just one piece, while there are also sleep, reflection, exercise, mobility work and other habits.  If you’re interested, it’s definitely worth checking out.

You’ll notice a minor change to the way the WOD looks on the blog here – We’re likely going to be signing up with Train Heroic, a workout tracking tool to help with a little bit better workout tracking than Zen planner was current offering.  We’re still with Zen planner, just transitioning off their workout tracking for now.  I’ll be setting up a link to join our “team” and you can then use the app on your phone to keep track of your maxes, and log your workout scores.  Good times!  The real value of it so far comes for me, as it’s a good platform for me to program on – meaning a nicely laid out plan!