CrossFit Sudbury – Training – 23022015

Hey Folks!

Killer weekend!  The weather was really nice!  I hope most of you made it outside, even just for a little bit to get some of that sun on your face (in air that doesn’t feel like it’s freezing your skin off).  We had some awesome efforts in the gym this weekend!  Keep up that great work,  This week they unveil the first Open WOD!  Get signed up for the Open if you plan on competing (games.crossfit.com)!  It should be a blast either way!

Kristins morning Performance Enhancement class is on Friday, not Monday :). Also Tuesday evening 6-7pm as usual.

If you’ve been speaking with Stacey at all over the last few weeks you may know she’s headed to Kenya to climb mount Kilimanjaro!  She isn’t doing it “just for fun”, she’s hoping to raise awareness about some important issues – Here is a little info about her trip in her own Words:

I am taking part in a project called the Freedom Climb. It is a project the brings hope to women and children who are being exploited, enslaved, and trafficked due to modern day slavery. I will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in just over 2 weeks to be a voice for these voiceless women and children. Climbing the mountain is purely symbolic of what these girls go through in their everyday lives, and the mountain they have to climb should they be lucky enough to be rescued. A few stats to bring you up to speed as this subject is largely swept under the rug.
  • Estimated 30 million people enslaved in the world today.
  • $32 billion a year industry. (PImps can sell girls often 25 times a day whereas you can only sell drugs once)
  • 2nd fastest growing industry behind drugs.
  • 50% trafficked are women and children.
  • 50% are under age children.
  • Average age is 12-14 and dropping (younger girls are less likely to have STDs).
As you can see modern day slavery is a huge problem in our world. Worse than it has been ever before in history. We may not be able to eradicate slavery with one climb but we can touch the lives of many girls who need our help. You can join with me in my climb by making a small donation if you’d like. All donations go to programs working directly with girls at risk of being trafficked in prevention, or rehabilitating girls who have been rescued. We have been fundraising for months and have already raised $52,000. Our goal is $60,000.
I have been training for months and CrossFit Sudbury has been an important area of my training. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world at 19,400ft. It will be a 7 day round trip to get to the top of the mountain and back down. The peak of the mountain is called Uhuru Peak which translated is Freedom, making this the perfect place to reach for our climb.
Stacey heads out this week – We’re hoping she has an amazing experience and we’re proud to have helped with her training! 🙂
Let’s have an awesome week of training and fun and keep being amazing!  (Sorry about the video I think I JUST posted this one haha, but it has a great demo of one of the warm up moves)
Warm up
2 Rounds – 10 dislocates + Weight, 10 spiderman lunges, Squat therapy with emphasis on ankle dorsiflexion and add in some thoracic extension/rotation (by putting one shoulder inside your knee, and reaching the other arm and looking toward the sky, pause for a couple seconds, then switch – as seen at 43 seconds into the video)
Back Squat 2×5
Kettlebell Swings 2×15
12 Minute clock to work up to a 1 rep max Snatch.  Be smart.  Make them pretty not just heavy.  There’s no point in doing a really heavy, really ugly lift.  Power snatches are ok if you aren’t comfortable dropping into the full squat yet.
15 Push Press 95/65
10 Pistols
5   T2B
Scaleable to:
15 push press (or push ups if overhead isn’t a great place for you)
10 weighted step ups (grab a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells)
5 “reverse” sit ups (i.e. still laying flat, but then bringing your feet to your hands while holding a rug upright)
Cool Down
Stretch – Glutes, Hamstrings, Triceps
LaX Ball – high hamstring (sit on a box or bench and put the ball right below your butt bone – then move your thigh back and forth, slowly – you’ll find some tender spots)
See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team