CrossFit Sudbury – Training – 20022015

Hey Folks!

It’s been an awesome week!  A fast one too 🙂 it’s Friday and that means you guys are in for a treat.  Another super secret, mega awesome WOD.  Maybe not that secret…. it’ll be posted below.  But I might start leaving some WODs to be “secrets”.  What do you guys think about that?  no more cherry picking?

I’m working hard to get the Tshirts in on time, but it looks like they’ll likely be in a little late (sad face).  But I’m doing everything I can to fix this problem!  They should be pretty though! 🙂

Lots of good times ahead!  We’re hoping to get our hands on a projector to watch the Open WOD announcement in the gym!  What do you think?

Warm up
2 Rounds – 10 Dislocates+10 weighted dislocates, 10 air squats, 10 toe touches, 10 Presses with an empty bar (and REALLY reach the bar up at the top, head and chest through, keep the bar directly overhead)

Press 2×5, Pull ups 6×2

2 Halting Jerks (pause for 2 seconds in the “bottom” of the dip, should still be upright, weight on heels)
5 Press @60%

Complete for time:
50 Thrusters.  5 Burpees every time you put the bar down.  Use an appropriate weight (Sprint-75/53, Grind-95/63, Beast-115/73)

Cool Down
Stretch – Hamstrings, Quads/Psoas, Triceps (Reach hand over and behind head and pull elbow in the same direction)
Foam Roll – Quads, Calves, Hamstrings

See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team