Friday, September 7th, 2012

Hey Folks!

Killer powercleans! Amy PRs by 10 pounds like a boss! I believe there were other PRs too (Rebecca) – you just have to love people getting stronger.

Yoga is going on as I speak (I’m a loser who forgot his shorts… yup… I’m that guy) – and I’m not there, which makes me sad, but it was a good looking class and Lisa always delivers a great yoga class.

Zip up shirt is the preview – Pullover will be up soon. Then we’ll decide.

News: There won’t be water at the games. Kristin and I will bring a case from the gym. I believe that’s 36 bottles of water, which is only 3 bottles each, so you may want to pack a little water too. Also, post-WOD nutrition might be something to keep in mind. We want easy carbs and some protein. Shakes are good. Chocolate milk is good (if you tolerate dairy OK). Bananas, sweet potatoes, and easy to digest foods are ideal. We don’t have a tonne of time between workouts, FYI.

We’re closed on Sunday. Sorry Folks, but all the coaches (and a lot of members) are going to be crushing extreme, trying to win the games.

Warm up

Bench Press 3×5

Push ups
Sit ups

Stretch – Pecs, Quads & Glutes

See you in the gym!
Adam & Drew