Yoga @ CrossFit Sudbury!

Hey everyone!

My turn to write a post about the yoga we’ve been doing on Sundays and to share a bit of info. First of all…

what is yoga?

Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice or discipline, which is meant to unify the mind, body and soul. For some, they might see yoga as a bunch of weird poses with a major focus on breathing…which is true, but there are definitely a lot of personal benefits in practicing yoga. In no particular order: Improved circulation because yoga helps boost blood circulation to often neglected areas of the body like joints, connective tissue and internal organs. Detoxification because during yoga we sweat, we breathe deeply and our circulation increases which in turn stimulates organs of elimination. Also, we can improve strength and flexibility, we experience stress relief, we develop improved self-perception, we improve our breath control, weight loss and also improved overall fitness and well-being.

So why combine yoga with strength training/CrossFit?

First and foremost…to stretch. We are all so busy in our daily lives and not enough of us take the time to stretch. Stretching helps improve flexibility as well as helping with injury prevention and rehabilitation. Combining both CrossFit and yoga will also help with a multitude of things such as balance, agility, breath awareness, mental states, body awareness and alignment. All of these things would be complimentary to good performance and proper body mechanics right? Think of yoga as a building block or foundation to physically and mentally condition the body so that you can focus on the task at hand or WOD in our case. If you approach yoga with an open mind then you will reap the physical and mental benefits.


Coach Lisa

p.s. You can sign up for yoga at the gym through this link!