CrossFit Sudbury – 25092017 – Emeril Legasse

Hey Folks!

Holy warmest weekend of the summer!  HUGE Congrats to Steph and Monty on their awesome wedding – we were so honoured to be able to share the day with them.

Rowing went really great – and though we are far from making the olympics, it is always cool trying new sports and gaining a more accurate appreciation for how much skill and athleticism it takes to do them.

Yeah Britney! (20 seconds into the video)

Coaches Notes:

More heavy squats.  We’re adding more weight.  These should be some challenging 2s but you still shouldn’t be failing (just surprised at how heavy you can do a double for!)  Deadlifts are more “recovery deadlifts”.  On the WOD, we’ve done this one in the past (June 28, 2016 and September 9th 2016) so look up your old scores and prepare to blow them out of the water.  Hang on for as long as you can on the squats and attack the run knowing you get to rest afterwards.

Strength work:

Warm up to and then complete:
5 sets of 2 Back Squats @Heavy (80-90%)
then drop down the weight and complete:
2 sets of 7 Deadlifts @Light-Moderate weight (~70% at this point)

*These should be heavier than the last time you did the same rep scheme

Conditioning – “Emeril Legasse”:

For time:
20 Front Squats @40%
800m Run
1 Minute Rest
20 Front Squats @40%
800m Run