CrossFit Sudbury – 21092017 – Holleyman

Hey Folks!

Team Series WOD #2 is posted up!  Should be a doozy and a half!  Fun though 🙂

Come on out on Saturday (we’re closing the gym as we’ll all be at the Watersports centre rowing with Emily!) and enjoy the beauty weather on the water.  Wear sunscreen or bring a hat or something!

Coaches Notes:

This is long grinder.  The reps are short, but don’t make the mistake of sprinting thorugh this.  THe HSPU’s will catch up to you, so take your time addressing the bar on the power clean, and do the wall ball deliberately (using as much legs as possible).  Then crank out the HSPU’s.

Hero WOD – “Holleyman”:

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Aaron N. Holleyman, 27, of Glasgow, MS, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, based in Fort Campbell, KY, was killed on August 30, 2004, when his military vehicle hit an improvised explosive device in Khutayiah, Iraq.He is survived by his daughters Shelby and Erin, son Zachary, parents Ross and Glenda, and siblings Kelly and Daniel.

30 RFT:
5 Wall Balls 20/14#
3 Handstand Push-Ups
1 Power Clean 225/155#

30 Minute CAP (or scale by reducing the total number of rounds)