CrossFit Sudbury – 12092017 – Elizabeth

Hey Folks!

Great work today – hopefully it helped folks shake off the soreness/rust from Fridays training.  We’ve got this weeks Benchmark today – Elizabeth!  The Ring Dips’ll get ya!  Plan them out and you stand a better chance of getting through the workout with a PR time 🙂

Back in the day Elizabeth was with Squat Cleans.  I’ve seen a bunch of videos of it done with power cleans.  We’ll be doing the full lift.  All the power cleaning and back squatting we’ve been doing should have prepared you well 😉

Coaches Notes:

Pace and plan out the WOD.  Hitting the right sets with minimal rest will lead to the best time.  If ring dips aren’t in your wheelhouse – try the dip bars or band up 🙂  ON the Conditioning, you don’t need to go ALL OUT – just give it a good quality effort.  80% or so.

Benchmark – Elizabeth:

For time:
21-15-9 reps
Clean 135/95#
Ring Dips


2 Minutes on the rower for max distance
Rest 1 Minute
2 Minutes for max double unders
Rest 1 Minute
2 Minutes on the Bike for max Cals

Do this stuff AFTER you do Elizabeth