CrossFit Sudbury – 16022017 – What a Beaut!

Hey Friends!

Boom.  30 minutes of crushing extreme checked off the list for this week.  We’re slowing down by speeding up a bit tomorrow.  You’re going to love it.  There’s a couple more days to get signed up for the Intramurals – get in there, and let us know your shirt sizes please.

Next Thursday, we’re chilling in the gym and watching the Open WOD reveal!  (Some of us will be lifting things up and putting them down [weightlifting club]).  Come check it out, bring a $5 footlong sub and some brewskis and set up shop!  Or, some pre-WOD and a protein bar, whatever blows your hair back.

Coaches Notes:

Snatch work!  Hang Power – No worrying about where to go around the knees, etc.  You’re lowering to roughly mid thigh, driving into those hamstrings, and then going into a big finish (extending the hips, knees and ankles), and bring the bar to your overhead position.  Real value is in meeting the bar where it comes to and not pressing it out.  Drop only as much as you need to land at lock out.  Then we get the full lift from the hang, where lifting those feet, meeting the bar at the same time those feet hit the ground and riding it down into the squat, unless you’re already there, in which case… stand up.  It isn’t a bad habit to stop in the bottom of the squat/snatch to improve your mobility, stability and general happiness in the bottom there.  On the WOD, It’s going to come down to lungs, and going unbroken on the shoulders to overhead.  If you can push press, they might be slightly faster.  If there aren’t enough rowers, share, or sub in the airdyne (25/20 Cals), or sub in 50 Double Unders.


10 Minutes to work to a heavy set of:
1 Hang Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch

*No failing. “A Heavy set” doesn’t usually mean a PR. If you hit a PR, awesome work – but you need to retest your true Snatch 1RM then 😛

Metcon – What a Beaut

5 Rounds For Time:

250m Row
10 Pull Ups
10 Shoulder To Overhead (95/65)

Scale up: C2B Pull Ups, (135/95)