CrossFit Sudbury – 23082016 – “Slam! Da-da-da!”

Hey Friends!

Great work today on lil mini Cindy!  Throwing on a vest really amped up the oxygen deficit, that’s for sure.

For folks to remember – Beau and Amy have offered to have everyone out to their place for some WODs, some relaxing, swimming, BBQing and general good times this Sunday at 12:30pm.  It promises to be a good time and Beau (with minor input from me) has come up with some awesome workouts for us to try out while we’re there!  Let us know on the sign up sheet in the gym if you’re coming so we can nail down final numbers!

The trailer is for a movie about Jake the Snake (old school wrestler) – the full video is on Netflix, and is a pretty serious look at addiction, and where it can take people (Razor Ramon is in it too).  Positive steps, every single day, and healthy decisions, every single day are the path to getting and staying healthy.  We can all climb out of the hole, some folks just have deeper holes to get out of, but we’re all headed the same direction and surrounding yourself with people who want to pull you up to where they are is hugely helpful.


Every 90 seconds for 6 rounds:
2 Power Cleans @60%
2 Push Press
1 Jerk

*Focus on keeping the barbell close, and being very precise with your movements.


4 Rounds for total slam balls:
in 2.5 Minutes
5 Thrusters (115/75/45)
200m Run
AMRAP Slam Balls (30/20/10)

1 Minute rest between rounds.