CrossFit Sudbury – 07042016

Hey Friends!

Thursday came up FAST!  It’s snowy for a couple days, but I think it’s supposed to get pretty nice out sometime next week/weekend, so it can’t be THAT bad, right?  Just make sure you guys are driving safe, especially if you already took your winter tires off!

Context – Practice

Warm up

10 Reverse Dislocates, 10 Spiderman Lunges with twist towards forward leg (like you’re looking at the ceiling), Walking piriformis stretch x10, 10 Pull aparts.


Back Squat 3×8 @65%


3 sets of max strict reps (or the appropriate progression).  If you don’t want to be upside down, do some dumbbell strict presses.


For time:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45/33/15)
30 Pull-Ups


Stretch – Lats/Rhomboids, Calves
LaX ball – Rotator Cuff & Traps.